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Decompresses Oblivion BSA files to reduce loading times and stuttering.

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BSA files are archives used to store game assets, they can be both compressed and uncompressed. Back when Oblivion was released in 2006 for old generation consoles the overall size occupied by the game mattered so vanilla BSA archives use zlib compression to reduce overall assets size on the disk. However assets need to be decompressed by the game on the go which takes extra time leading to longer loading times and additional stutter when moving in exterior worldspaces while cells being loaded in background.

BSA Decompressor recreates BSA archives without zlib compression so the game is limited only by your hardware disk system performance. All vanilla assets remain in uncompressed BSA archives.

Run decompressor and point it to the Oblivion GOTY installation (which includes Shivering Isles expansion). You must also have Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch installed.

If you later verify Oblivion files in Steam, you need to run decompressor again because Steam will redownload original compressed archives.

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