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Legendary rewards and Daedric quest rewards are a lot less rewarding than in Morrowind or any other real RPG. I want to change this and add better enchantments, values, weights and prices even, to the already existing legendary weapons and armors in the game.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple mod to modify and add better values to all legendary and unique gear in the game. In particular Legendary rewards like The Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw (which was a previous Daedric prince reward) and direct rewards from Daedric quests, end game and faction rewards.

If you ever were bored and threw your rewards immediately after getting them, since you already had better self enchanted items, then this is the mod for you.
Most items are made to scale while at the end I started to only enchance the highest rank of the leveled item. This is why I recommend a leveling mod for your gear. This mod is intended mostly for late game, since the items or weapons are sometimes ON A TARGET you will have more difficulty in defeating them so install this at your own risk if you are a newbie or your character isn't strong enough yet.

I will be adding more as time goes by and I start playing the game again but for now I will focus mostly on Daedric/guild rewards and I will add every modification in the description below.

Recommended mods:

Auto Update Leveled Items
Better Birthsigns
Better Races

Helm of Clavicus Vile

Added +20 Speechcraft bonus to the helmet. 1250 Health rather than the 750 it had (1000 normal daedric) and changed the price to 7000 (from 1400).

Valdemar's Shield

Modified the shield values to be the same at every level you get it (1/10/15/20) to 1250 health, 2500 value and the same Enchantment value of 15% Reflect damage. (from 500/750/1000/1250  very cheap price and a scaling 6/8/10/9% reflect for some reason it was said the last enchantment is actually weaker; I actually replaced the enchantment with a personal NEW enchantment spell as to not modify other items using it).

Aegis of the Apocalypse

Changed the AR from 13.75 to 16 as there are better armors of the same type with 15 AR and this is UNIQUE. Health from 1000 to 1500.
Changed the Enchantments from Fortify Blade/Blunt/HeavyArmor +5 to +10. Changed price to 9000 from 5000.

Apron of Adroitness

Modified Health, Value, Weight and AR from 150/200/290/450/750/1100, 15/35/90/225/600/1800, 5/7.5/9/11/13/15, 5/6.25/8/8.75/10/12.5  To one single value of 1200, 2500, 15, 13.
Also changed the enchant from 5/6/7/8/9/10 Intelligence and Agility to a constant 15.

Tower of the Nine

Changed Health from 1000 to 1250, Value from 3300 to 5000.
Modified Enchant from +5 Block to +15, +5 HeavyArmor to +10, +5 Shield to +10, -10 LightArmor to -15.

Heavy/Light Raiment of Valor

Modified Health/AR of Heavy and Light from 1000/100 to 1250/200 and from 20H/15L to 30H/22L
Modified Enchant from 10 Health/10 Fatigue to 150/100, from +10 Personality to +20 and from +10 Athletics to +20

Dondoran's Juggernaut

Modified the +10 Endurance gain and +10 Strength to +20/+20

Birthright of Astalon

Considering my other mods that increase magicka gain from Intelligence, I decided to change the enchantment from +50 Magicka to +30 Intelligence. And from +5 Agility to +15. But I also increased the price of the armor from 3300 to 5500.


Increased value from 1600 to 3600. Increased Enchantment from +10 Acrobatics and +10 Athletics to +25/+25.

Quicksilver Boots

Increased value from 2400 to 5400. Increased Enchantment from -5 HeavyArmor/LightArmor to -10 and +10 Agility/Speed to +25.

Fin Gleam

Detect life increased from 20 to 100.

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw

Increased value from 1350 to 3500.
Increased Enchantment from +10 Agility/Endurance to +20.

Gauntlets of Gluttony

Drain Health Increased from 30 to 50. Strength increased from 15 to 40.
Price increased to 5000

Imperial Dragon Armor

Increased all resist enchantments to the maximum possible random drop. Which is 30.
Also increased all armor ratings by around 50% but left the health low as to not make it too unbalanced. Light armor is equal or less than Glass Armor. And Heavy is almost as good as Daedric.

Count Cirion's Helmet

Modified the enchant that used to scale, to a simple stronger one (old max was 10/10) +15 Block/+15 HeavyArmor.
Also modified it so that every level you get it at, it has the same stats, the maximum stats. And value of 2000.

Helm of Ferocity

Increased Enchant to give +10 Blade Blunt and Hand to Hand, rather than +5.

Saviour's Hide

Increased magic resist from 25 to 45%

Diadem of Euphoria

This one is pretty balanced and strong already, I just changed the weak magicka fortification into Intelligence which works even better with my Racial/Birthsigns mods giving you magicka based on Intelligence.
So the 50 magicka is replaced with +20 Intelligence. The resist magic is increased from 25 to 30%. Set at all levels to be the same.

Thorn Shield

Replaced the scaling enchantment with one, slightly stronger than the best. Fortify Block +30 rather than +23, Spell reflect 25% rather than 23%

Spell Breaker

This one I feel should've had more power like in Skyrim, but since you need to add scripts in order to make it happen I will just increase the reflect spell from 30% to 50%

Staff of Indarys

Changed it's ridiculous price from 200 to 2000. Modified the enchant and charges for each level to a stronger version. Giving 20 Drain Strength (for 15sec) rather than 10 and doing 100 Shock damage rather than 70.


Added a 30% weakness to fire, frost and shock to go along with it's damage.

Hrormir's Icestaff

Since this item should be available to you as archmage, I think it should be a little stronger. Now it's no longer just a cool looking staff, it actually can be used in combat.
Increased the light power from 0 to 10. Increased Frost damage on area from 10 to 70.


Since I didn't want to edit all the levels and I couldn't make my own spell to properly include the nourish script effect, I just increased the damage at level 30+ from 15 fire/frost damage to 25 and the absorb health/magicka from 7 to 15.

Since it's also a pretty slow longsword, I gave it a +1 damage to it's base damage to make it even better.


Changed it's base damage from 15 to 16. And the scaling 5/10/15/20 frost damage to a 35 Frost damage.

Akavari Sunderblade

Tripled it's enchantment pool and increased it's damage from 15 to 16.

Akavari Warblade

Since this is a 2 handed blade, I gave it a more realistic damage from 16 to 23.
Increased it's value from 2000 to 5000. The enchant was pretty strong already so I just tripled it's enchantment pool and now ignores normal weapon resistance.

Amber Equipment

Weapons : increased it's enchantment from 20 health damage to 35.
Boots : increased acrobatics from 12 to 25.
Cuirass: increased Agility from 12 to 25.
Gauntlets : increased Marksman from 10 to 20. Increased Hand to Hand from 10 to 20.
Greaves : increased Speed from 12 to 20.
Helm : increased Intelligence from 12 to 20.
Shield : increased spell reflect from 10 to 25.


Increased the last rank of enchant from 30 health damage to 45 and from 15% weakness to magic to 30%

Blackwater Blade

The enchant of this blade seems amazing but the damage stats are a bit lower so I increased it by 2 points, from 24 to 26.


Increased it's base damage from 11 to 15. Changed the highest level enchant from 15 drain health to 25.

Hatreds Soul/Hatreds Heart

Increased fire damage from 35 to 45. And drain Speed from 30 to 40.

Ruin's Edge

For such a cool bow it's damage is only 12. Changed it to fit a Daedric bow's damage of 24. Also greatly improved it's enchantment pool.


Increased it's highest level enchant from 20 shock damage to 35 and increased the weakness to shock from 35% to 50%

Blade of Woe

Increased the demoralize level from 10 to 30. Increased health and magicka damage from 35 to 40. Left the same enchantment pool on each level but increased the enchant.

Ebony Blade

One of the weakest weapons you get from a daedric prince, Increased the Absorb Health from 8 to 25.
The silence is still pretty strong I guess, but not fit for a real weapon, especially if used against non human enemies.
Increased base damage from 23 to 25.


Changed the Drain Strength into Absorb Strength for 10 seconds. Increased damage health from 35 to 40. Increased base damage from 9 to 11. Set this at all levels.


Increased Drain Magicka from 35 to 50. Increased Drain Intelligence from 10 to 20. Increased enchantment pool a little.


Increased the last level of the weapon only. Increased frost damage from 20 to 40. Increased weakness to Frost from 35% to 50%
Increased base damage by 1


While this isn't Eltonbrand, the stronger version of the blade, I still feel it should've been one if not the strongest weapon in the game. I upgraded it to reflect this.
Increased base damage from 25 to 28.
Increased fire damage from 22 to 40, added weakness to fire 30% for 10 seconds.

Crystal staff

Increased shock damage from 35 to 75, only at the highest level.

Battleaxe of hatred

For a weapon that sounds so cool and costs so much, it's stats are pretty bad.
Increased Damage Attribute Str/Will/End from 5 to 15.
Increased base damage by 5.

Sword of Jyggalag

While the weapon has no enchant, and I will leave it this way, the damage for a 2 handed weapon is very low. Increased the base damage from 14/16/18/20/22/24 to 17/20/22/24/26/29

Enchant remains open to the player to do as he pleases.

Madness weapons and armor

Since I buffed the previous Amber weapons, this automatically buffs the Madness the same way, since they use the same enchant. Thus from 20 health damage to 35.

Boots : Fortify Athletics from 12 to 25.
Cuirass: Fortify Strength from 12 to 25.
Gauntlets: Fortify Blade/Blunt from 10 to 20.
Greaves : Fortify Endurance from 12 to 25.
Helmet : Fortify Willpower from 12 to 25.
Shield : Reflect damage increased from 10 to 25.

Mace of Molag Bal

Increased Absorb Strength from 5 to 25.
Added Absorb Blunt +10.
Increased Absorb Magicka to scale with my other mod and the late game, from 5 to 40.
Increased value from 4000 to 7500.

Dagger of Depletion

Found 2 versions with different enchantments. Modified the first one from 5 Absorb Magicka to 20.
The other one had an incredible value of 1000 damage magicka so I didn't really touch it.


Since we already buffed the staff that comes from the same quest, I feel this blade needs an upgrade also. The sword is already pretty good but not good enough to compete. Increased the stats at the highest level.
Increased base damage by 3. Added a Drain Intelligence by 20 for 10 seconds to match the other Drain Strength from the staff. Increased Disintegrate Armor from 120 to 150.


This weapon already seems very good. But I think we can make it better.
Changed the highest level enchant from Drain to Absorb. Now absorbs Endurance and Willpower 30 points.

Rugdumph's Sword

While the sword looks great, it's barely strong enough nor does it have a useful enchant.
To make the enchant actually viable, you can either charm or calm your target after you hit them, or hit an enemy and then run to the city and do your quest or whatever. To help with this I increased the Absorb speechcraft from 5 points for 5 seconds, to 20 points for 120 seconds.
Also increased base damage by 2. Increased value from 125 to 2500.


In case you have a mod that lets you loot from the arena, I feel like it would be a waste to not get this cool looking dagger.
Also increased it's frost damage to make it viable later on, from 5 to 35.

Staff of Sheogorath OPTIONAL

While the item is cool, it has no real uses, I mean unless you want to make things boring. Tho I feel this should be an optional file. I will add this as Optional.
Add a Frenzy up to level 50 on the same area for 30 seconds.


Has amazing enchant. I will scale this to fit late game better.
Increasing only the highest level of the item.
Base damage increased from 10 to 20. Value from 50 (absurd) to 5000. Health increased from 100 to 500.
Enchantment increased from Damage Health/Magicka 20 to 45. Weakness to poison increased from 20 to 50.

Destarine's Cleaver

Increased Drain Strength/Endurance from 5 to 15.
Increase price from 2400 to 4800.


While I would love to make my own script on this and cause you to feed on souls of your victims, I gave up on that.
Increased base damage from 28 to 30.
//Since I feel Umbra is also a curse, not just a boon, I added a Drain Personality in area of 2, hoping this hits you also and causes you to lose Personality by 50 //for 2 minutes. (removed until someone can help me with a proper script)
Also added a damage health by 50 to the sword.


Increased shock damage from 24 to 45. Increased weakness to shock from 48% to 75%. (only at highest level)


Increased damage from 20 to 30.
Increased Weight from 60 to 90.
Increased Value from 4300 to 7000.
Changed drain health 5 for 20 seconds into Damage health 40 in 3ft area.

Khajit Ring

Increased Fortify Speed from 10 to 20. Increased Chameleon from 35 to 50.

Namira Ring

Increased Reflect damage from 12 to 25.
Increased Reflect Spell from 10 to 20.

Black Band

Increased Fortify LightArmor/Security/Magic resist from 18 to 25 at highest level.

Boots of Bloody Bounding

Increased Fortify Acrobatics/Blade from 18 to 25 at highest level only.

Cruelty's Heart

Increased Willpower/Strength from 18 to 30 only at the highest level.

The Deceiver's Finery

Increased Personality/Speechcraft from 18 to 25 only at highest level.

Black Hand Robe

Increased Robe gain from 11 to 20 for all stats.
Increased Hood gain from 4 to 7 for all stats.

Seems only fair since you lose your armor from the DB Member armor.

Bow of Infernal Frost

This costs 7000 and has ridiculously weak stats.
Changed the enchantment from 10 frost/fire damage to 35. Increased base damage by 2.
Increased price from 7000 to 10000 to make it a bit harder to acquire too early.

Perdition's Wrath

Same as above. Increased cost from 3000 to 7000.
Increased damage by 2.
Increased Enchantment from 20 fire damage in 50 area to 40.

Mind and Body Ring

Replaced the 4/6/8 Strength and reflect damage with one constant enchant, for 20 Strength and 10 Reflect.

Greater Amulet of Interrogation

Basically the highest level of the amulet, now gives double the Enchant. 18 Hand to Hand and 18 Speechcraft.


Increased enchant from Drain fatigue 10 to 20, fire damage from 10 to 30.

Spelldrinker Amulet

Increased highest level enchant. From 26 Spell absorption to 35.

Robe of the Conjurer

Increase stats gain from 7 Intel/Will to 10. From 10 Conjuration/Destruction to 15. Only at the highest level.

Mankar Camoran's Robe

While the absorption is pretty high, the rest of the stats don't match your enemy/value.
Increased Reflect Damage from 10 to 30. Added +20 Intelligence/Willpower. Added Drain Personality by 20.

Only at highest level. 18+

Necromancer's Amulet

This amulet is great. But considering that Magicka can scale better with Intelligence especially if you use my mods for race and signs, I increased the Intelligence a lot more and other stats. Only at highest level.
Fortify Willpower increased from 14 to 20. Intelligence increased from 14 to 50. Removed magicka bonus. Increased Conjuration from 14 to 20. Added Fortify Destruction +20. Added Drain Personality 25.

Escutcheon of Chorrol

Already pretty strong. Increased Endurance gain from 10 to 25. Only at highest level.

Kvatch Cuirass

Increase stats gain from 8 End/Str to 15. Only at highest level.

Charity of Madness

Increased highest level enchant. From 16 Resist Fire/Frost/Shock to 25.

Talisman of Abetment

Increased highest level enchant. From 75 Feather to 300. A more realistic late game item.

Jewel of the Rumare

Increased Athletics gain from 4 to 15.

Ciirta's Robes

Increased highest level enchant only.
Fortify Health increased from 25 to 100. Fortify Destruction from 8 to 10.
Shield 20 changed into Lightning Shield 25 for a bonus in shock resist also.

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Increased Feather gain from 200 to 300.
Added Fortify Luck 10.

Ring of the Gray

Increased Fortify Skill from +5 to +10 for all (Sneak/Security/Marksman/Acrobatics)
Added +10 Luck.

Ring of Vipereye

Increased Agility from 10 to 15. Increased Resist magic from 15 to 25.

Ring of Sunfire

Increased Disease resist from 35 to 50.

Ring of Eidolon's Edge

Added +20 Strength.

Circlet of Omnipotence

Increased all stats from 3 to 10.

Ring of Lordship Dementia/Mania

Increased Chammeleon from 32 to 35. Increased Endurance from 20 to 30. Only at highest level.

Increased Personality from 20 to 30. Replaced Shield 26 with Frost Shield 30.

Ring of Happiness

Increased Personality from 10 to 20. Increased Feather from 70 to 200. Increased Light from 20 to 50.

Ring of Mind Shielding

Increased Magic resist/Reflect spell from 12 to 20.

Circlet of Verdure

Increased Endurance from 12 to 20. Increased Fortify health from 35 to 100.