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Adds static alchemy apparatus and automatic shared ingredient storage to several locations across Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles. Lightweight and designed to fit in with the vanilla game seamlessly.

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Static Alchemy and Ingredient Storage
The Shivering Isles

Oblivion Script Extender


This mod adds complete sets of static alchemy apparatus to various locations around Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles, allowing you to brew potions without the need to carry around all that weighty apparatus with you everywhere you go. Also added to the same locations are ingredient storage shelves, which can be used to automatically store all the ingredients you're carrying, with optional shared storage across all containers allowing you to access all your stored ingredients from any other station. These systems were designed to fit in as seamlessly as possible with the original game, and aims to use minimal menus and setup.

The current locations are:
  • All Mages Guild halls
  • The Arcane University Lustratorium
  • The Guilded Carafe (Imperial City Market District)
  • The Main Ingredient (Imperial City Market District)
  • A Warlock's Luck (Bravil)
  • All Things Alchemical (Skingrad)
  • Earil's Mysteries (Crucible, Shivering Isles)

More locations may be added in future, including player homes and official DLC locations. It's easy to add locations yourself too if you're CS-savvy, since all you need to do is place my activators and containers—I've done all the scripting legwork behind the scenes.


Activating any of the alchemical apparatus will give you the option to 'Use' or 'Store'. Using it does as you'd expect and opens the brewing menu with the default set of novice apparatus. However, selecting Store will allow you to store your own apparatus in the system. From then on, selecting the Use option at any station will instead use your custom set of equipment rather than the default set, so make sure to pick up any better apparatus you find in dungeons and store it for future use! You can retrieve stored apparatus at any time from any station.

As a bonus, all ingredients held in shared ingredient storage will be available for you to use when brewing potions using static apparatus.

Ingredient Storage

Activating the ingredient shelves normally will open them like a regular container; however, anything other than ingredients that are stored in them will be returned to your inventory upon closing the menu. Activating them whilst sneaking displays two additional options: to automatically store all ingredients you're currently carrying and to enable shared storage. Enabling shared storage links the shelf to the centralised ingredient storage container instead of it having localised contents, and empties any of the ingredients it is currently holding into the shared system. This can also be toggled at any time, and each storage shelf can be toggled individually, i.e. the shelves in the Skingrad guild hall can be linked to the shared system, whereas the one in Anvil can have local storage.


This mod requires:

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load after the Unofficial Patches.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just make sure to take your apparatus and ingredients out of the containers first, alright?


The only potential conflicts this mod could have is if some other mod places objects in the same locations as I have, in which case the fix is to load up the CS and move stuff around a bit. Conflicting changes from the Unofficial Patches have already been included in this file.


Thanks a lot to Daleth whose great Ingredient Storage Shelves resource I used for the ingredient storage shelves.

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