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A ready to play graphics preset for Oblivion Reloaded to be used with ENBs.

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UPDATE: 25/05/2020

This is a graphic preset for Oblivion Reloaded to be used with ENBs.

You will find ready to use .ini files for Oblivion Reloaded Lite.

Right now it is only available for Simple ENB. This is a first version and will probably be tweaked more and expanded to other ENBs.

For more info on what Oblivion Reloaded does, you can read 1Mac's Oblivion Reloaded for Dummies.


I activated in this preset the Shadow Mode, the good news is that Oblivion has now true shadows (buildings, objects, etc cast now shadows).
The less good news it can impact a lot performance so don't be surprised if your game has less FPS.
You can disable this feature at any moment in the Oblivion\Data\OBSE\plugins\OblivionReloaded.ini by setting:

Enabled                  = 0

Oblivion Reloaded Lite  Install it with Wrye Bash.

ENBSeries v0.181 for TES IV Oblivion. You'll need the d3d9.dll file from Wrapper Version.

You must have bUseWaterDisplacements=0 in your Oblivion.ini.

You must NOT use the original mod Enhanced Camera, use the updated version  linked in my guide instead. The game will crash with it.

Do not use the mod Trifle, it's not necessary and the game will crash if you have enabled shadows in Trifle.

You must have HDR enabled in your video settings.

Simple ENB
Donwload and extract the main file, copy all the files in your Oblivion directory (where Oblivion.exe is located).

Install the main file of this page: "ORL Preset for Simple ENB".
Install it with Wrye Bash and make sure it is positionned after Oblivion Reloaded Lite.

Before coming back to my guide install this last stability mod:

Ultimate RAM Purger