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Fix hand to hand damage with uncapper mods.

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If you've used a skill uncapper mod (like AV Uncapper) you might have noticed that H2H damage remains topped out at 15. This is because, unlike other skills, there is a Game Setting controlling the max damage (fHandHealthMax). Uncapper mods don't account for this leaving H2H capped at 15 dmg.

This mod fixes that problem by raising and lowering fHandHealthMax when needed. It works in realtime so any changes to Strength/H2H/Luck during combat can effect H2H damage as normal. If your combination of Strength, H2H, and Luck causes the H2H damage calculation to go above fHandHealthMax, it'll be increased to that value. Likewise if the calculation is below fHandHealthMax, it'll be reset to it's normal value.

You do not need an uncapper mod to use this. It'll work in vanilla when using enchantments to raise Strength, H2H, or Luck above 100.

This mod will try to use the current value of fHandHealthMax when loading. If it's not set correctly use the below commands.

You can change the max value with these two console commands

setgs fHandHealthMax <value>

set vkH2HUncappedPatch.fHandHealth100 to <value>

This mod should be compatible with any other mod.