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With AI Gigapixel I quadrupled (Yes, quadrupled!) the size of almost every single texture in Oblivion. The exceptions being textures with Alpha maps and Normal maps...

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Kartoffels has released a really good mod that does exactly the same thing as this but totally better (and with a ludicrous file size), Check it out!

After hours of converting textures from dds to png because AI Gigapixel hates dds files, then converting those textures back to dds, then finding out Normal maps don't work then deleting them, then finding out Alpha maps don't work and deleting textures with them, then crying because my computer crashed twice trying to make 8k textures...

This project is done... I guess.


Q: How am I supposed to install this?

A: Drop the "textures" folder in every file in Oblivion's Data Files

Q: Why are these folders so big?

A: Oblivion has thousands of textures at a size of 512 x 512 or more, quadrupling those textures to be 2048 x 2048 AT LEAST, UP TO 4096 x 4096 is a pretty hefty size increase (and I probably should've just doubled some of these textures tbh)

Q: Some of the textures look purple / there's purple on the rims of some transparent textures

A: Please screenshot these textures and tell me where you found them, these are textures with Alpha maps that I forgot to delete.

Q: The textures look nice and all, but the lighting on them is still pretty shoddy. Why?

A: As stated in the Overview and top description, this mod doesn't touch normal maps AT ALL, AI Gigapixel did not scale well with them and ended up breaking lighting on every single texture that used one. It may be possible to manually create normal maps with the enhanced diffuse textures with a tool like Materialize but that would take a very, very long time. Until or if I do that, I recommend using something like Really Textured Normal Maps

Q: Do you plan to do the Shivering Isles or Knights of the Nine?

A: Short answer: Maybe. Long answer: I made this mod in January / February, when school was out for me. Those times are when I'm least stressed and most productive. Until School ends in May, I likely won't have the motivation or free time to do this again.

Q: I don't see any visual difference, what's the point in using this?

A: If you're like me you love Vanilla Oblivion with all its flaws and random mooks with daedric gear. One of the motivations behind many projects like QTP3 is to change Oblivion's texturework to be more modern and up to tune with 1080P monitors. Unfortunately, these projects tend to change Oblivion's atmosphere in strange ways. Even subtle changes like the color of the brick you're standing on can have an impact on the mood of a scene. This is why, instead of flat out replacing Vanilla textures, I decided to improve them so that when you smoosh your face on brick it doesn't look like mud. Also, I believe that this can be an EXCELLENT framework for installing other texture mods. This covers almost every aspect of Oblivion, if a mod you install later doesn't happen to replace some specific textures they'll fall back to these snazzy ones instead of Vanilla's low quality ones.