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A complete overhaul of almost all the enchantments in Oblivion and all DLCs.

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This mod overhauls the enchantments and sigil stones in Oblivion and all its DLCs to have more fitting and balanced effects. Some items were very overpowered in the original game, while others were never worth using - now all enchanted items should have some kind of use.

This was built upon Kobal's BMEnchantmentRebalance from his Balanced Magic mod, so if you are using that, you can replace it with this one. I've extended it to the official DLCs as well.

If you are installing on an existing game, unequip all enchanted items first.

I recommend usingĀ More Effective Enchantments and its addons to prolong the charge uses as well.

It may be used with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, and is in fact recommended if using that mod.