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Attack speed for all characters is now determined dynamically based on character and weapon attributes. Strength, speed, weapon weight, type, current fatigue levels, and more, are used to calculate attack speed. No in-game items or characters are modified, so save games are not affected.

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I quite like the basics of Oblivion's combat, but in some areas it lacks depth. Oblivion has a big enough range of stats to feel like you are progressing your character in all different  ways: move speed, jump height and weapon damage can be improved as your character develops by running, jumping and swinging weapons at foes. What might seem odd then is that no matter how many times you've swung your Iron Longsword, you still swing it at exactly the same pace. This is because in Oblivion, attack speed is pulled directly from the speed of the weapon equipped. Not only that, but all weapons of the same type, have the same speed. (see: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Weapons)

Enter: CBAS - Character-Based Attack Speed.

What It Does:

Each character's attack speed is now based on: how heavy the weapon is, how good they are with that weapon (blade, blunt, hand-to-hand, etc.), how much strength and speed they have, how encumbered they are (more importantly what armor they are wearing on their upper-body and hands), and their current fatigue levels.

This is all configurable with the included .ini file, you can set how much you want each component to contribute to attack speed, and some more detailed functions.

Generally you will find that your attacks are slower than Vanilla (Unmodded) Oblivion at first, then as your attributes become very high you will be able to swing weapons faster than the standard speeds that shipped with the game.

The Formula

There is quite a lot of maths behind the calculation, and personally I think the result feels natural and realistic. That said, I am happy to suggestions in updating/changing the formula(s). I don't want to get right down to the equations here. I am providing the source code if you are interested in that. I will give a brief overview here:

The calculation can be broken down into five parts:

  • Attribute(s) -- Wielding a melee weapon requires strength, Bow requires Agility, Staff requires Intelligence & Will.
  • Skill -- Higher skill in blade allows you to swing swords faster, Marksman allows quicker nocking of arrows, etc.
  • Alacrity -- Higher speed or agility (whichever one is higher is chosen) means faster attacks.
  • Encumbrance -- How much the character is carrying (with a focus on which gauntlets and cuirass the character is wearing). Carrying more weight reduces attack speed. Strength and armor skill (Light/Heavy) are taken into account.
  • Fatigue -- The current % of fatigue the character has. Low fatigue will result in slower attacks.

There is then a formula applied to the final result to make sure there are lower and upper areas of speed that cannot be reached.


A very special thank you to the wonderful team behind OBSE. I hope this to be another example of how anything is possible with the Elder Scrolls games thanks to their amazing work.