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Use potions or poisons on NPCs, Includes a resurrect feature depending on restoration skill, hotkey customization, user-friendly menu, and also detects bandages from other mods such as MOO.

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Adds the ability to use healing potions on weakened NPCs and creatures such as followers, guards, or even random passerby's. Use fortify health or similar potions on them as well. Give followers an invisibility potion before an ambush, or bandage them with bandages from mods such as MOO. Alternatively, you can use poisons without actually attacking someone now, so characters with high sneak will be able to subtly poison an NPC right in the middle of the tavern, and with a high enough sneak skill can completely avoid detection while doing so. If you are caught, expect to be hated by that NPC, and maybe even attacked. This will also count as an assault, and the guards will respond accordingly.

NPCs and creatures that have been killed and are dead for less than two game hours also can potentially be revived, depending on the strength of potion and your restoration skill. This also works for "heal other" spells. If you find a fallen guard or traveler on the road and you manage to bring them back to life, they'll thank you and often reward you if they are able to. If you resurrect a fallen creature, it may take a liking to you and begin to follow you, and even fight for you. They can be given simple commands of "follow" and "stay" by activating them the same as you would to talk to an NPC.

Upon first loading, the mod will prompt you for a key to set. Afterwards, simply hold that key while looking at a creature or NPC and
the menu will appear. This is one of a number of immersion/gameplay mods that I hope to release soon, including a basic investment system inspired by Fable, automatic spear animation switching for the player and NPC's, and maybe a few others.