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You may have noticed that the ironwood nut that can be found in Cyrodiil is a blurry and unappetizing. This will fix that. :)

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I have always hated the look of the ironwood nuts that you can find around Cyrodiil. The vanilla texture is 32x32. What the heck? Anyway, this new texture is 256x256, and it looks much nicer. I know that is not a huge size, but we're talking about a nut that you probably won't see too often, so I think that is more than adequate. The file comes with an optional icon replacer as well. Just drop them both in your textures folder and you'll be good to go with lovely ironwood nuts and a lovely inventory icon, or just use the replacer texture for the nuts without my icon if you really like having vanilla icons in your game.


jbvw for the original texture I modified for the shell of the nuts

*** If you need to reach me, you'll have a much easier time finding me on my blog. I'm rarely on the nexus anymore, but thought that this was a good file to upload here.

My Blog: Luna's Lunacy