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Accurate Intervention spells that work from interior, without any hardcoded destination. Unlimited mark & recall spell with an easy interface.

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Mark Recall Intervention

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Author: Movomo
  • Contact: PM movomo at Nexus or LoversLab

This mod restores the three teleport spells that were previously available in Morrowind: Mark, Recall and Intervention, all highly configurable and conform well into the game world seamlessly.
  • Mark: 'Marks' your current location for later uses.
  • Recall: 'Recalls' a previously marked location, immediately teleporting you to there. Marking right in front of a rich merchant and recalling it to dump your loot was a widely popular trick of having an easier life back in Vvardenfell.
  • Intervention: Some deities, apparently, like to intervene in mortal affairs and teleport the caster of this spell to the nearest temple of theirs. There were Divine and Almsivi Interventions in Morrowind, but since all the Tribunal gods were bummed and Cyrodiil is a bit too far from Morrowind, you don't get the Almsivi. Instead you have Shegorath's... or whatever new type of Intervention you invent!

You can mark possibly unlimited number of locations and easily select them later through a decent not-messagebox interface. You can have up to 16 different Intervention spells, all configured freely. This mod is shipped with one Divine, two Madness Intervention spells already configured.

  • (Optional) Pluggy v132: required for backup & restore.
  • (Optional) Oblivion.esm, if loaded, must be a version with the Shivering Isles Expansion.

  • If Map Marker Overhaul is active, this mod will assign icons according to the newly introduced location types.
  • If Custom Spell Icons is present, this mod will assign a default icon unless it already has one. Done only once for the entire playthrough.
  • It is recommended to use one of any custom UI mods, such as Darnified UI, that makes the menu font smaller than vanilla. This may greatly affect the readability of this mod's menu.

Drop all the files under "\00 Core" in your "<OBLIVIONPATH>\data" folder.
You may ignore the "\00 Core\BGSEE" folder (Wrye Bash will skip them unless told not to) as it is only useful to modders. This mod is load order-agnostic. You may place the "Intervention.esp" file just anywhere below the esm's. However, the plugin's name ("Intervention.esp") and internal record ID's are crucial and you should not rename/renumber them.
The "Unused Icons" optional install contains several, well, unused icons. They are mostly leftovers from the past versions. Perhaps you may find some use for your own customization.
For modders, the "\00 Core\BGSEE" folder contains a CSE preprocessor header file. Some scripts will not compile without it. If you do not use CSE and still need to compile them, you will have to replace the macros by hand (sorry). Now I'm kind of regretting using them in the first place. To make Wrye Bash install it along with the ordinary files, check the "Has Extra Directories" in the Bash Installer context menu.

Intervention spells
The Intervention spell in this mod works not only from exterior, but also from interior locations, and it detects your location accurately. In fact it is more accurate than the original Morrowind versions themselves: This version actually detects where you are now, whereas the Morrowind version simply remembers the last exterior location you've been. This makes a difference when you Recall to some remote interior location and then cast Intervention.
Moreover, none of the Intervention destinations are hardcoded; this mod doesn't even require Oblivion.esm. The spells are fully configurable. You can define up to 16 different Intervention spells and they are distributed to the game world automatically. By default, Divine Intervention (Tamriel) and Manic/Demented Intervention (Shivering Isles) are provided pre-configured. You can even attach a custom script to decide if you may teleport or not at the time of casting.
Intervention spells/scrolls are only for you. Only the self-range exists. It will not work even if other character manages to cast it. It is technically possible to allow it, but I could find no reason either as to why npcs must be able to do that.
Mark and Recall
This mod started as a quick Divine Intervention mod for my personal use, but now Mark & Recall occupies much larger part of the mod. You can mark indefinitely many locations, easily browse them later through a quaint 'container UI', manage them (rename, unmark, set custom icon, apply search filter) easily. The cast cost of the spell is fully configurable through ini, making you not feel cheating when you teleport. The spell will attempt to pick an appropriate location name when you mark it, but you can rename them any time.
Built to handle hundreds of locations, the Mark & Recall menu interface is intuitive and efficient. You will see several 'weapons' that act as main menu buttons, and your marked locations as 'clothings'. When you click a menu item, it will be highlighted. If you highlight the Mark button, your current location will be marked when you close the menu. If you highlight the Recall button and a location, you will be teleported to the selected location. If you right-click a location on the Mark button, it will bring up the manage menu, where you can rename, unmark, or set/reset icon for the location. The icon picker is easy to use too! Since it is a container menu, it can show a preview of available icons, a distinct advantage over a messagebox. This container menu is easy enough to write for me, I don't need to maintain some ten different xml versions for different UI mods, I'm starting to love it.
There are two spells and one scroll: Mark & Recall spell/scroll for yourself, and Recall spell for others (a Touch spell). You may teleport any non-hostile character with the Recall touch spell, but do remember that this spell was added for maximum fun and not for maximum safety. Besides, many companion mods end up implementing their own companion teleport spell anyway, so consider using them instead where at all available.
The Mark & Recall scroll is there for the less magically-inclined characters. By default it can be used to mark one location (if there isn't one already) or recall to anywhere already marked, but the number of markable locations with a scroll is also configurable.
How to obtain spells and scrolls
Since this mod doesn't have any hard esp dependency, I can't tell you exactly where to get them, only the general rules.
  • Scrolls: The booksellers (anyone that trades books) will randomly stock several Mark & Recall scrolls and relevant (in the sense that the scroll he sells will work in the worldspace he is in) Intervention scrolls in their inventory.
  • Intervention spells: It is a difficult Apprentice spell. Any spell vendor with at least Apprentice level at the school of Mysticism will sell relevant Intervention spells. It's easy to get as Apprentice mystics are practically everywhere.
  • Mark & Recall spells: Unlike Intervention, it's hard to tell who can have it as it entirely depends on how you set up Mark & Recall spell cost. By default it's a Journeyman spell, so any Journeyman mystic spell vendor will sell it.
  • NOTE: Above things are done in dialog mode; try to spend at least 5 second talking if you want to buy one.

Unfortunately, the scrolls are not added in random loot. I could not think of any way to slip them in the random loot tables other than by snatching every container open event.
Maximum number of mark locations
Theoretically, there is no hard limit on how many locations you can have marked at the same time, it is limited only by your configuration and casting abilities.
However, you should consider it having a soft limit of 256 locations. The mod needs an inventory token to display a location in the container menu, one token for one location, and there are only 256 of them. Once all of these are used up, the mod then will start cloning them. They will be freed as you unmark excessive locations and will wait for the future assignment, but they've already become a part of your save game and will be stuck there for the rest of eternity.
A couple or two are most certainly ok. Couple dozens, fine. Hundred, still probably not more than how many potions/spells/enchantments you create in the entire playthrough. Several hundreds though, now it's debatable. While keeping some cloned items in the save file is natural and inevitable, it can't be good either. Just be aware. I did not make more than 256 because I thought hardly anyone would ever need more than that. 256 is damn plenty and probably more than the grand sum of all your map markers.
How to and what to configure
All the mod's configuration files are stored in "<OBLIVIONPATH>\data\ini\Intervention". These include:
  • "Intervention.ini": The main configuration file.
  • "Intervention-template.ini": A template to help define your own Intervention spell. This file is never read and you don't need to keep it.
  • "Intervention-##.ini": Through 00 to 15, each is read if exists. You may define different Intervention in a different file this way. The numbers don't need to be continuous, just have them be within 00 and 15.
  • "markdata-<CHARACTERNAME>.json": Generated when you back up (explained below in its own section).
  • Other text script files may exist if a specific Intervention spell demands it. By default, "divine-global.txt" is included and functions as a safety checker script for Divine Intervention.
  • None of the above is essential and the mod will continue to work without some or all of them. However, most naturally, you won't be able to adjust settings to your liking.

In the "Intervention.ini" file you can define, among others:
  • How many locations you can mark with a scroll.
  • How many scrolls the booksellers may stock.
  • The initial casting cost of Mark & Recall spell, and how it progresses depending on the number of locations you've already marked.
  • Spell/effect name of Mark, Recall, Intervention spells/scrolls.
  • How the mod will detect your current location.
  • Icon override settings for specific location types.

More details can be found in the .ini files themselves.
Backup and Restore

(Requires Pluggy v132)
This mod provides a way to back up all your marked locations to an external file and retrieve them later. Maybe this mod gravely screwed up something and there is no hope of rectifying it save by reinstalling the mod itself, or maybe you just want to transfer all your markers to another character. Whatever the reason, you need to open up the console window and type the following commands.
To backup,

SetStage mriMain, 150

This will write a text file named "markdata-<CHARACTERNAME>.json" in your "<OBLIVIONPATH>\data\ini\Intervention". The output content is human-readable JSON text. This may be viewed/edited easily and formatted freely in a text editor. The mod will attempt to remove the existing file before writing, but will likely fail, so you will have to delete it yourself when you want to refresh it.
To restore,

SetStage mriMain, 190

This will attempt to read your previous backup. To retrieve other character's markers, simply rename the file appropriately. The markers in the backup will be added to your marker list and will not affect existing markers.
The backup file is processed through a simple general JSON parser that can read an arbitrary JSON object or array. I added this functionality mostly for my small fun and not exactly for efficiency or lightning performance. It may take some time to parse the file if it is very long. It may even contain bugs(it probably will), so while you can format your backup file in whatever way you wish, at least make sure it is a valid one. The mod will refuse to process a faulty JSON and display a cryptic error message, but do not rely on it too much.
WARNING: JSON Parser Implementation Detail
The JSON parser in this mod is not standard; it has two documented(here!) non-standard behaviors. Which are:
  • Trailing comma after the last member of an array or object will be accepted, whereas the standard grammar does not allow it. But this makes the cut & paste work much easier for multi-line entities. So,
  • // Yes:
    // No in standard parsers, but Yes in this mod:
  • One escape sequence (\f: form feed) is not implemented and will be ignored. Unicode codepoint sequences (\uXXXX) will work only if in range of ASCII(<0x0080), otherwise passed uninterpreted. Others (\n: line feed (LF), \r: carriage return (CR), \t: tab, \": double quote, \\: backslash literal, \/: forward slash literal, \b: backspace) are implemented and should work normally.

Additionally, the following three javascript literals will translate to Oblivion types as:
  • false = 0
  • null = 0
  • true = 1


  • This mod may not work properly depending on the specific UI's implementation. I add disclaimer here because I'm not going to test all others myself.
  • If a quest mod requires you to travel to a different large world, chances are that you shouldn't travel to there except by the means provided by that mod. It is generally not safe. The problem will often visualize in the form of dialog bug, much like the "I HAVE NO GREETING" bug with the Shivering Isles Expansion. Morroblivion compatibility is provided by default, but there may be many more quest mods that require some special actions, and I await your report.

WARNING: This mod can be a game breaker!

  • Using an illegitimate means of transportation (namely, teleport) may break various quest mods, vanilla and mod-added alike. There is a sort of safeguard in the Intervention spell, but with Recall, absolutely nothing prevents you from destroying your own game. It is your responsibility to maintain your game in an enjoyable state.
  • Taking display tokens from the container menu may break the mod's functionality. You can do that by pressing the left arrow key in the menu - this shortcut can't seem to be disabled. When you do that, you will be warned once and the menu will restart. The mod will continue to work, but you're taking chances. Don't do it. Another way to break it is to use console commands to take items from the container. Obviously, you shouldn't.

Thanks to

  • Bethesda Softworks for making Oblivion.
  • The OBSE crew for Oblivion Script Extender.
  • Elys, Leandro, haama for Pluggy OBSE plugin.
  • Whoever made the Map Marker Overhaul's vanilla-style icon scheme. I tried to contact TheNiceOne, but did not get a response. At the moment I'm assuming they are made by TNO himself. I await the reader's correction on this matter.
  • r_basilico, the author of Human Touch NPC, for giving me an inspiration to the idea of container UI.