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Morroblivion Improvement Project, shortened to MIP is designed to Expand and Improve Morroblivion

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MIP is designed to Expand and Improve many Aspects of Morroblivion. The Goal is to make most things on-par with the Oblivion Standard meaning to Add Extra Scenery like Flora, Buildings and Crates in a Lore Accurate and Friendly way. The Textures are tremendously improved along with there respective Normal Maps and certain Meshes like Furniture and Bottles will be Round and Smoothed. Scripts will not be touched to keep a certain level of Compatibility for the future, unless otherwise stated in the Change-log. Currently MIP is in Beta 0.1.0 during the first release I suspect feedback and criticism from the community! Does not include content from Morrowind

Fixed Duplicate Guards in Balmora
Added Night and Day Schedules for Patrol and Post Guards for Balmora
Fixed Door Markers in Balmora and Caldera
Added Landscape Effects, Butterfly/Firefly around Balmora
Added keys for All Balmora Interiors
Added Guar Skin Above Doors and some Containers in Balmora, Reflects Concept Art
Fixed Jagged Landscape in Balmora and Caldera
Expanded Balmora to Accommodate the many NPCs
Improved AI Schedules, Noticeably more Advanced in Balmora

Improved Hlaalu and Vivec Textures and Normal Maps
Morrowind Quests have Oblivion Styled icons
Adds a Player Home in Balmora, Complete with Quest

Please See the Change-log for a Full List

Extract the contents of Morroblivion Improved into Your Oblivion installation Location, Overwrite if necessary.

User are not Allowed to Modify or Redistribute without Permission
Any Patches or Addition to Morroblivion Improved are Welcomed! Although Please Notify or Leave a Comment, So No Work is Duplicated