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Automatically skips the "What do you want to do with this person?" prompt (which appears when you activate a sleeping NPC as a vampire) by selecting the non-feeding option.

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== No Confirm Message For Vampire Feeding ==
by ZuTheSkunk

Normally, when you activate a sleeping NPC, all that happens is that you either trigger them to wake up and talk to you, or you start pickpocketing them (if you're crouching). However, once you become a vampire, this simple system is replaced by the game always asking you "What do you want to do with this person?" when you activate a sleeping NPC, giving you the option to either feed yourself on them or do one of those other interactions.

As a person whose character is a vampire who sticks strictly to blood bottles and such for feeding, this prompt appearing every time I want to talk to a sleeping NPC was proving really annoying, so I decided to make a mod that more or less removes it.

Once the mod is installed, it will automatically pick either the "Talk" or "Pickpocket" option whenever this message appears. If you do want to feed on an NPC, you need to hold down the V key while activating a sleeping NPC (can be configured in the mod's INI file). If you want to briefly turn off the mod's functionality (such as if this mod gets in the way of some NPC script), you need to hold down Left Alt instead (can also be configured).

Requires Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE).

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