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Simplifies vanilla Oblivion's efficient leveling problem my making attributes increase automatically as you increase their governed skills using a simple, customisable formula. Aims to maintain as much of the vanilla leveling vision as possible.

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Automatic Attributes
Oblivion Script Extender


Automatic Attributes is yet another attempt at alleviating Oblivion's annoying efficient leveling problem, but by changing as little about the vanilla leveling concepts as possible.

With this mod installed, your attributes will increase naturally as you increase the skills they govern, with each attribute increase being accompanied by a vanilla-friendly message during gameplay, such as "Your Strength attribute has increased". This removes the vanilla mechanic of building up level-up bonuses for when you sleep, but the 'sleep to level up' feature is still completely maintained to allow you to control under/over-leveling to your liking, just as in vanilla. This means you can stay at any level you want and train your attributes as high as you wish by increasing your skills (possibly to catch back up with those Ogres that now infest the countryside).

Leveling up will still grant you the option to select three attributes to increase, but these increases are always locked at +1. These are essentially 'bonus' attribute increases of your choosing—the main process for increasing attributes is now to increase the skills they govern. However, Luck can only be increased at level-up, as it governs no skills.

The formula for attribute increases can be customised to your liking in this mod's ini file. By default, it takes 4 'points' to increase an attribute, increasing a governed skill grants 1 point, and you get an extra 0.2 points if it is a major skill. Additionally, there's an extra bonus that can be configured for specialisation skills, which by default is set to 0. The points formula is shown below.

points = base + (majorBonus * isMajor) + (specBonus * isSpec)

This mod will run its initial setup scripts when:

  1. Your character has a class (e.g. not in the tutorial);
  2. You are in an exterior cell (this is a way of detecting you have left the Sewers or other alternative start interior).

Aside from the setup, the mod will work silently in the background of your game and doesn't require anything extra. For a new character, the setup will simply use our current skill levels to recalculate all your attributes to what they should be according to this mod's current settings. For an existing character, your attributes will also be recalculated, but you will also be reset to level 1, whilst preserving all your skill increases and refunding all your level-ups. This allows you to find a bed and re-level back to where you previously were, but gives you the opportunity to re-allocate all your level-up attribute increases.

Automatic Attributes includes a built-in version of my Real Retroactive Health mod, which is the only mod to properly implement a retroactive version of the vanilla health formula. This was necessary as the ability to increase Endurance at times other than level-up would still pose an efficient leveling problem, which this mod is trying to avoid. Therefore, your health will now, by default, be the highest possible health for your given Endurance and level, as if you had leveled your character as efficiently as possible (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check here). However, there is a customisable multiplier you can apply to the health formula, if you think this is too overpowered.


This mod comes with an ini file that allows you to customise the points formula for attribute increases described above, and also your retroactive health efficiency and maximum attribute level (I wouldn't recommend raising this above 100 unless you have a mod which supports it). The file can be found in the data\config directory, and the comments in the file should be self-explanatory.


This mod requires:

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load after any mods changing level-up bonuses or skill-up requirements.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time, but any changes to your attributes are permanent. You can get them back in line to what they would have been by vanilla mechanics using some extensive console'ing, but I'm going to say this mod is not intended to have a seamless uninstall on an existing character. As always, make a save before installing this mod if you think you may want to go back.

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