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A very basic magic mod that adds a new NPC to the Skingrad Mages Guild. She sells a variety of spells that are all incredibly powerful, but also have negative side effects.

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Mages, Warlocks and Sorcerers alike! Have you ever wished to cause a quick death upon your enemies? Then try on one of the spells purchased from Ashantes the Mage. The spells are potent, and some require an expertise lower than one would expect. But, there is a catch, of course, there is always a catch! While the spells themselves are exceedingly powerful, the drawbacks are dangerous and can even kill those who are not careful.

Small thing of note, yes, the mod is basic and there isn't much going on, but I plan on continuing to work on it and flesh it out more and more over time, including giving Ashantes her own building at some point.

Version 1.1- Gave Ashantes her own shop instead of having her just plopped in the Skingrad Mages Guild. Also made the drawbacks of Demon of Winter heavier. After using the spell myself, it was rather OP. The weakness to magic is increased both in magnitude and time, the self-damaging frost was increased in magnitude and the Burden effect was increased in both magnitude and length.