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About this mod

Add a set of equipment for Game's character "Zenobia".
Swords and heavy armor and shields will be added.

Permissions and credits
   Zenobia Equipments 
                          (ver 0,3)
                                              for Oblivion
                                                            by Hidemaro. (2019.3/11)

* Outline

  This is a Mod that adds the costume of the character 'Zenobia' of social game 'Aigis'. 
  The parts are divided into Headgear (Amulet), Body Armor, Gauntlet, Boots, Shield, Sword. 
  Equipment has three grades each, and there are abilities equivalent to steel, oak and deida.
  Oak and Daedra have level caps (22Lv, 30Lv). 
  It is sold at 'TheBestDifence' in Imperial Commercial District.

   Color variation was added in Ver0,3.
   Besides shiny high metal, and added 5 colors of black, white, red, blue and green. 
   It is sold in weapons shop in Chaydinhal, Skinglad, Bruma, Chorrol, Anvil, Laywiin cities.

   Each color added with Ve0.3 has a reflected light effect. 
   This is too strong in the outdoors, so we added an effect that was reduced to that of the indoor place to the Omake folder. 
   But this effect will also be applied in window glasses and other Mods.
   Please back up in \ Oblivion \ Data \ Texture \ Efec folder before using it.  To use it please copy the texture contained in the Efect folder in the Omake folder into the Oblivion's Data folder

   Optional Kf file used in the screenshot is included.
   Please use CTAddpose etc. pose Mod.  It is in the Omake folder.

* Required Mod

   HG EyeCandy Body
   Better Bouncing Breasts

* Attention 

   Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation. 
   I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it. 
   If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.

* Installation

   Please copy into \DATA folder in the Oblivion folder which installed Oblivion.
     《Example:C:\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion\Data》

* Distribution, credits and permissions

   This Mod is open to the public and can be freely used, but the license is on my Hidemaro and it does not give up all rights. 
   Basically prohibited for purposes other than personal use, distribute Data for this I made. 
   If usage non commercial purpose, you can use this Mod freely. 
   You can change this MOD and redistribute it, but you must specify Credit in Readme etc.