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Adds 17 unique new NPCs with new daily schedules to Chorrol to make the city feel more alive.

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But wait?!
"Why would I use this instead of "Crowded Cities 12", "Better Cities" or any of the other ones?", I can hear you ask. A fair question, I will try to answer it:

Better Cities is huge and does a lot of other stuff besides adding NPCs. It's so huge actually, that I myself never actually installed it, because I was scared of it's size. I wanted something smaller, maybe you do too?
Or what about "Crowded Cities" by bkwyrm13? It does add a lot of NPCs to the cities, however they just seem to wander around at the place they spawn, they don't do much more, which, of course, fills the cities, but I'm not really happy with it.

So this is my try at providing an alternative. The NPCs in this mod are different, they are based on SpiderAkiraC's original mod and his idea of filling each city with unique NPCs with new daily schedules, this mod tries to do exactly that on a somewhat smaller scale while also fixing some errors with the original version.

This mod fills Chorrol with 17 unique new NPCs. These NPCs will sleep, eat, wander around in some parts of the city, visit shops, the chapel, scout around the city, hunt, go adventure, etc.

This mod covers only Chorrol, I do however plan, to fill the other cities with some new life too. At some point in time...

Adds 17 unique new NPCs with new daily schedules to Chorrol to make the city feel more alive.

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Every Mod Manager for Oblivion should be able to handle this, manual install is of course possible too.

Mixxa77 - Crowded Cities Redone - Chorrol.
SpiderAkiraC - Crowded Cities 2_1 -
Bethesda - Oblivion.
You - For being you.

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TES Construction Set
Construction Set Extender -
Egg Translator -
7Zip -
TES4Gecko -
TES4Edit -
paint.NET -

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