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Replaces Morroblivion Quest icons

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Oblivion Style Quest icons (Morroblivion v64)
v1.3                                             Does NOT includes anything from Morrowind

The Quest icons that originally come with Morroblivion break the immersion with Oblivion. Since I could not find any proper replacements, I decided to use the Vanilla Oblivion icons along side Custom icons. All Quest icons are now Replaced!

Which icons are Changed?
Note: Only Quest icons are Changed, Nothing Else
East Empire Company
Deadric Quests
Vampire Quests
Fighters Guild
Mages Guild
Misc Quests
Settlement Quest
Imperial Cult
Thieves Guild
Morrowind Main Quests
Bloodmoon Main Quests
Great House Quests
Imperial Cult Quests
Morag Tong Quests
Tribunal Main Quests
Tribunal Temple Quests

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