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Fort Virtue which was once full of undead is now gone.
This mod add game a castle for bandit hunter, Castle Virtue instead of Fort Virtue.
Castle Virtue which has Bandit hunting, Sparring, and many other functions is now yours :)

Permissions and credits
Name : Wolfdols Castle Virtue
Category : Castles, Palaces, Mansions and Estates
Author : wolfdol
date : 25/ 11/ 2018

This mod change Fort Virtue (near Imperial city and south of fanacasecul) to Castle you can get ownership.
As we know, Forts near Imperial City are all ruins which are full of bandits, undeads or other creatures.
I always think it is too unnatural because the forts are located on very important road (ex. Red Ring Road) and Legion Soldiers always patrol here.
So I think it is good to built a castle here for player :)
Like Battlehorn Castle or Frostcrag Tower, There are many good house mod for fighter, thief, mage or vampire hunter. they make game more interesting.
So I think house mod for bandit hunter will also be good choice.
As lord of Castle Virtue, You can order your hunter to arrest bandits and put them into dungeon. If you want, deliver them to Imperial Legion and receive bounty.
Except for it, Many contents are available :) (ex. private trainer who can spar with you and offer special training, Merchants, numerous containers and many other convenient functions)

 0. You castle with nice location and nice view
  - Short commute to Imperial City
  - Nice Tower View of Fanacasecul and Imperial City

 1. Bandit Hunting
  - Hunting order
  - Deliver and Receive Bounty
  - Using hunter as companion

 2. Training
  - Sparring
  - Special Training on a day (for free)

 3. Merchants
  - 2 merchants who each offer training

 4. Many Containers and item (auto) sorter
  - Oblivion & Shivering Items auto sorting fuction

 5. Horse Auto Parking / Horse Call
 6. Others
  - Lighting Controll in all cell except dungeon
  - Arcane Labortory where you can use mage-related activators.
  - 10 NPCs with schedules

How to Start?
If your fame is above 10, Quest for ownership will be started automatically.

Update note

Version 1.3
 - Missing Meshes and Textures fix (Tower Meshes, Book and Document's textures)

Version 1.2
 - Soul Bottle Problem (Grand Soul gem with Common Soul didn't save soul in the bottle) is fixed.
 - Item Sorter Problem (Some Daedric Artifacts and Drinks had been sorted incorrectly) is now fixed.

 Version 1.1
 - Gate Problem (companion can't enter / out gate) is fixed by changing into anim gate.
 - 'Horse Call' activator change into 'Horse Command'. Now It can use to park horse and wait command all.
 - Now Trainer's equipment will be repaired when sparring ends. because desolate problem.

1. Meshes & Textures
  - all files in Data\Meshes\MEO
  - all files in Data\Textures\MEO
 from Meo's Castle Skingrad - Resource
 from Meo's Castle Keep - Resource
 from Meo's Series Booksets
  - all files in Data\Meshes\Omegacron
 from Static Scroll Sets Resource
  - all files in Data\Meshes\RM
  - all files in Data\Textures\RM
 from Static Furniture and More
 from Static Rugs and Tapestries
  cf) Autors who Rileymarks gave credit
   Jbvw - Vaernlor Manor
   Oblivimonk - Tollingbrook Home
   Stroti - Filled Desk, New Furniture II, Animated Known Furniture, Dragonstone Manor
   Kaizit - Furniture Sets for Bathroom
   Antistar - Bathmod
   Garnet - Pinewood Ver 1
   Grond - Cupboards 01
   CSS 0101 - Ancient Elven Furniture
   Andy Saurus - Kitchen and Bath
   Daleth - Ingredient Storage Shelves
   Trollf - Castle West Weald II
   Xiamara - Manor Bedroom Set
   Auryga - Akavir Fuyohin Isle Resources
   Argoniano, Zimnel and Kalikut - Tablecloths
   Exilehunter - Highland Furniture Set
   Jbvw - All New House (some fringe and rug meshes and textures modified by me)
  - all files in Data\Meshes\statueHorse
  - all files in Data\Textures\statuehorse
  - all files in Data\Meshes\stroti
  - all files in Data\Textures\stroti
 from Strotis Ghost in a Bottle
 from Strotis static meshes Horse Statue
  - Data\Meshes\Wolfdol\WCV\WCVHallRailing
  - all files in Data\Textures\wolfdol\WCV
 from Castle Seaview

  Lady Nerevar
  - Data\Meshes\Wolfdol\WCV\WCVLordBookopen
  - Data\Meshes\Wolfdol\WCV\WCVLordDocument
 from Lady N Paper Goods

2. Script Ref (Item sorter scripts are based on which of below mod)
  - DTOM's Verona House Bloodlines
  - spokorni's Drago Watch

If you want to use any part of this mod, check who is author. Most of meshes and textures are bethesda or other modders works.