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Hello all,

From the start villages has been one of my favorite mods around. Once Martainb had finished modding these I was devastated! Now the Dragon Captions team, will be updating these mods ASAP!!!!!!

thanks all and ROCK ON!


-Authors: cd470 and martinb and Doombuggie41

-Instalation: extract files in your Oblivion/Data folder

-Description: This mod will add 3 new villages to your game.

Beram is a small farm village east of Cheydinhal, just
south of Rickety mine. It has a view on Cheydinhal and the Rood
river(?). This village is famous for their cheese.
Storlien is a small fishing port village on the Niben bay,
on the mouth of Corbolo river.
Fort Turjak is an Imperial Legion outpost and a village
in Colovian highlands, south of Chorrol, west of Hackdirt.
It has a tavern where travellers can get bed, food and drink,
few houses, and Legion fort with prison, barracks and headquarters.

In every village you can find something to do.

Names for the villages are chosen randomly, from
the index of atlas of the world.

Change Log for this version of "Villages"

-- Cleaned up some dirty containers using "TES4 Plugin Utility". The original crates and chests are no longer touched.

--Undeleted a NPC in a Test cell. This had no impact on the game, but is restored for cleanliness.

--Set the Drunken Sailor NPC in the Drunken Sailor quest to "Quest Item" to prevent corpse decay which would break the quest.

-- Fixed the voice folder issue...

Big thanks to Jeff S. for version 1.1.