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The Eleionomae - Nymphs of the Marsh

Permissions and credits
The Eleionomae - Nymphs of the Marsh
by Xenius


1: Description
2: Update List
3: Install\Uninstall
4: Version history
5: Known Issues
6: Requirements
7: Credits
8: Tools Used
9: Contact
10: Licensing
11: Author's Note


The Eleionomae were marsh naiads in ancient Greek mythology. Aside from living in marshy environments, the Eleionomae often misled travelers with their illusions. The illusions constituted images of a traveler's loved ones.

This mod will add a new humanoid race with scales to the game.
It is not a big release like Dea Obscura. The race does not
have special attributes, skill bonuses and abilities.

There are 18 hairstyles, if you want more you will have to add them yourself.
Also I made slit eye textures for this race, in 5 different colors.
The textures are high resolution, 4096 for the body and 2048 for the face.

To not make this race completely useless for anyone who wants to play the game with it I used the Argonian attributes, skill bonuses and abilities.

Maybe I will change this later, or not.

2.Update List

None yet.


Use 7zip to extract the files.

Move the Data folder to the Oblivion folder.

Remove the following folders/files

4.Version History

[09-06-11] 0.9 Release

5.Known Issues



Robert Male Body Replacer
Robert Female Body Replacer

Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416

Custom Race fixes:

Unofficial Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416
Custom Race Fix + Boethia Shrine Custom Race Fix


Thanks to throttlekitty for the Head06 resource
Thanks to CapsAdmin for the PSD resource
Thanks to -Ren- for the hairstyles
Thanks to necKros for the hair textures
Thanks to Capucine for the Aquamer race which I used a few things from
Thanks to scanti for the merged mouth and teeth
Thanks to Robert for the body textures
Thanks to AlienSlof for the PSD resource
Thanks to borysses at Deviantart for the useful seamless textures
Thanks a lot to everyone who enjoys my mods.
Thanks a lot to those who used my races for their beautiful pictures.

8.Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Nvidia DDS plugin
Nvidia normal map filter
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set


Please use one of the following contact forms:
Personal message

10: Licensing

You are allowed to use any part of this mod for your own creations.
All I ask is that you let me know by sending a message and also send
me the link to the filepage of your mod.