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Halloween is upon us, time to be creative!

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This mod lets you create various types of Jack-o-Lanterns out of pumpkins, ranging from the stereotypical pumpkin face and Oblivion-esque things, to the Nine Divines.

New in version 2.6:
You now don't need to sneak to activate a pumpkin and enter carving menu. However, you need to meet the following conditions:
-Have a dagger drawn. The script detects weapons that contain the following words; "dagger", "knife", "claw" or "razor".
-Not have your shield equipped
-WARNING: Don't be in third person if you pick a carving option. The player might get stuck since an attack animation is triggered.

How to use:
If you happen to have a pumpkin ingredient in your inventory, drop it, draw your dagger and activate the pumpkin in the game world. You will get a menu where you can choose what kind of Jack-o-Lantern you want to create. Then the new pumpkin lantern will be added to your inventory. You also get a bunch of pumpkin seeds that count as food (yummy!), while the jack-o-lantern itself can be used as a torch but less effective. You will want to drop your jack-o-lantern to decorate the area, it glows in the dark and will also illuminate the area ever so slightly.

If you feel like cheating to get your hands on lots of pumpkins, you're in luck! I've included a batch file that can be used by doing the following:
Extract the .txt file to your Oblivion folder, and ingame you open up the console and enter "bat pumpkins.txt" without the quotes. There, you're welcome <3

Known issues:
The pumpkins won't illuminate the area immediately after dropping them, only when you exit and re-enter the cell where you left them, alternatively save the game and then reboot.

Incompatible mods:
Those which make changes to the default Pumpkin ingredient, unless you rebuild your Bashed Patch, 0.esp

Happy Halloween! Feel free to post screenies of your toon posing with ther pumkin lanterns.~