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A more subtle ENB preset designed to enhance the vanilla look rather than smother it with effects.

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Simple ENB

The intention of this ENB preset is to preserve the vanilla Oblivion colors and mood with the added benefits of ENB's improved effects. I couldn't find a good ENB preset that didn't drastically change the feel of the game, so I put this together. It can also be used as a "vanilla" base that you customize.

This preset is designed for use with All Natural. It addresses the major problem of the sun being dull and washed out in many of All Natural's weather types, especially when looking at it directly. Fixing this was my primary goal and ENB turned out to be the best solution. All Natural is not required for this preset, however.

The screenshots are taken at 4k resolution and downscaled to 1080p with Nvidia's Dynamic Super Resolution feature. The anti-aliasing provided by ENB will not be as clean as the screenshots at lower resolutions, but it is enabled by default. I recommend turning it off if you use DSR or Oblivion Reloaded's SMAA.

ENB Installation:

1. In Oblivion.ini, set the following:
Make sure HDR is enabled and anti-aliasing is disabled.

2. Download ENBSeries v0.181 for TES Oblivion and extract d3d9.dll from the WrapperVersion folder into your Oblivion directory (where Oblivion.exe is located).

3. Download this preset and place the files in the same folder.

4. Optional: Depth of Field can be disabled by making the following change to enbseries.ini:


If you experience the issue of weapons or hands being transparent, you may need to disable Ambient Occlusion:


5. For Oblivion Reloaded users:

ENB's Sky effects will conflict with the latest version of Oblivion Reloaded. Make sure OblivionReloaded.ini is set to:

ShaderModel3 = 0
NVIDIAPatch = 0

HDR = 0

If this causes your game to crash, try reinstalling the default Oblivion shaders found here.

[WeatherMode] and Volumetric Fog should also be disabled.


Weather - All Natural
Install All Natural with the Natural Exteriors component. I recommend 50% darker nights and the default fog distance settings.
Real Lights is not recommended because it makes dungeons and other interiors far too dark. For darker (but actually playable) dungeons, I highly recommend:

Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
with the following .ini settings:
set MOO.ini_dungeon_light to 0
set MOO.ini_dungeon_fog to 0
set MOO.ini_otherinterior_light to -1