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While visiting MERP, and later populating it, I noticed a number of items were missing the texture or totally invisible.
I had to extract them from the BSA archive, along with the textures, and reconnect them with NIFSkope.
A REAL pity as this happens for such critical places as Durin's Bridge!!
Beware… they are now hard-coded to C

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The problem was first evident when I managed to found the way out of the (colossal) labyrinth which is the Moria.
The 2nd Hall was totally black, along with Durin's Bridge, the 1st hall and all the way until the Dimrill Gate :(

The problem arose again later, while trying to use some things ready in the data but not yet visible, such as the elven ship at the Grey Havens, the Cave Troll, the Fell Beast, etc.

So here is the current status of these extractions and reconnections. Named v0.3 just for tracking sake.

I KNOW there should be a way to use relative paths in the texture, but this does not seem to work reliably.
So most of the paths are absolute to MY installation, which is C:MERP\
For the meshes it is C:MERP\Data\Meshes\
For the textures it is C:MERP\Data\Textures\

You'll find a number which are supposedly redundant as they come from Vanilla Oblivion, but at least I know they work in this way.

Unzip and toss into Data, say OK to replace if you have Win8 or over… do it by hand for XP :/

Be praised again here the MERP Team for their COLOSSAL work! Anything in this "mod" comes from their activities.