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Fix for some issues with interior floor textures from rabilinth's Leyawiin Woodland retexture mod.

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Fix for some issues with interior floor textures from rabilinth's Leyawiin Woodland retexture mod. What issues? Read below. But first, instructions:

-You need to do one of two things to the original Leyawiin Woodland mod for this fix to work as it should. Either:
a.) Install a texture replacer for Chorrol, like Improved Chorrol, after Leyawiin Woodland. In Wrye Bash, that means the Chorrol mod should be lower, than Leyawiin Woodland in your Installers pane. Use Install Last or move and anneal the installer for this to happen. This way the Chorrol mod overwrites the Chorrol textures Leyawiin Woodland adds. (Using Install Last is a good habit to get into in general.)
b.) Or you can delete those textures ahead of time. Download Leyawiin Woodland and unpack the mod archive. Navigate to data/textures/architecture and delete the Chorrol folder. Repack the archive and install it in Wrye Bash as normal.
-Then install this mod. Make sure to pick the All Natural compatible version if you're using All Natural.

Now that you know what to do, why should you do it? It's because certain vanilla interiors in Leyawiin use Chorrol floor texture. Rabilinth straightforwardly overwrote those textures in those mods but that creates problems, namely that the rustic wooden floor textures of Leyawiin Woodland start appearing where austere stone should be in Chorrol. Or, if you install something like Improved Chorrol, those stone textures start appearing alongside wood floors in posh places in Leyawiin like the Mages Guild or the Three Sisters Inn. Which is okay, but rabilinth clearly intended these spaces to have all wood floors, and you'll see it looks better anyway.

As it turns out, rabilinth's Chorrol floor texture is identical to his Leyawiin floor texture, so the solution was simply reassigning textures in Nifskope. I also got to learn about the exciting world of UV mapping, so I could make sure the floor boards actually aligned the way they ought to. I did a fair job, but I know there's a spot in the Three Sisters Inn that could be a little better, and there may be other places. Let me know and I can make an update.

Requirements: It's technically not required, but this mod would be pretty pointless without Leyawiin Woodland. The All Natural version obviously requires All Natural (and you won't see any changes if you use All Natural and don't install the All Natural version of this mod).

Acknowledgements: Rabilinth for his excellent Leyawiin Woodland mod. The team from the Unofficial Patch for the patched meshes.