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Revises the Legion Battlemage class, and assigns all Mages Guild Battlemages to their own class. Also equips the latter with silver weapons.

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BATTLEMAGES REVISED – A mod by zymurgy65

This mod revises the Legion Battlemage class, assigns all Mages Guild Battlemages to their own class and upgrades the latter's equipment.  Please note that its changes are now included in v.2.0 of my “NPC Overhaul” mod.

Class Changes
The Guard Battlemage class replaces Athletics with Mysticism to improve Intelligence.  All members of this class now have the NPC Mage birthsign to further increase magicka levels, as it stands to reason the Legion would recruit those with greater magical aptitude.

All Mages Guild Battlemages have been transferred to the new MG Battlemage class.  This differs from the standard Battlemage by replacing Alteration and Conjuration with Heavy Armor and Restoration.  They too have the NPC Mage birthsign, to compensate for the loss of an Intelligence-boosting Major Skill.

All Mages Guild Battlemages now wear steel armour, including gauntlets, and carry silver weapons.  Those previously without clothes have been given lower-class items, and Fithragaer wears a hood like all the rest.

Spell Lists
All Legion Battlemages now use targeted Destruction spells and targeted Dispel Other.  Mages Guild Battlemages no longer have access to Alteration or Conjuration spells, but only Arielle Jurard and Roliand Hanus ever used the latter.  The spells they do use are more effective due to having Heavy Armor as a Major Skill, and their Restoration spells are more powerful.

Other Changes
The Legion Battlemage' greeting, “Ah! You must be the Arcane University's newest addition!” has been flagged to be said only once.  There are now two dead Battlemages from Fithragaer's unit in Nenyond Twyll, along with a Headless Zombie and a Skeleton Hero.  A new trigger box makes doubly sure Fithragaer doesn't get past the floor smasher.  The body of Rolis, the fourth member of Thalfin's unit, lies near the entrance to Silorn.  Merete's combat style has been changed to NPC Marauder Mage, making her more likely to keep her distance.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch.  Where appropriate, this mod incorporates script, quest stage, and AI package changes made by the UOP.  In addition, Falcar will equip a mace rather than a dagger outside Silorn, a change the UOP team forgot to make when they reduced his Blade skill.

This mod should be set to load later than any other mod that affects Legion or Mages Guild Battlemages.

And Finally...
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