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Disables most references to specific events in the Main Quest after a certain time.

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No Anachronistic Main Quest Comments – A mod by zymurgy65

This mod came about due to the greeting seen in the screenshot, which was made 7 WEEKS after the Oblivion crisis ended.  It disables many references to the Main Quest after a certain time. The comment “Good news from Kvatch for a change. The last of the daedra have been driven out.”  will be disabled once the player has completed MQ07 (Spies).  References to MQ10 (Bruma Gate) will be disabled once the Battle of Bruma commences.

All references to the player's exploits during MQ11 (Allies for Bruma) and MQ14 (Great Gate) will be disabled once the Main Quest is completed.  References to the player being the Saviour of Bruma have been left unchanged.

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