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No more shiny pillars of tedium.

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Mod number 2 on my journey of how to make mods! And this time, another Fighter's Guild related solution to a problem I invented in my head.

You see, Bethesda did a great job with the different Fighter's Guild Branches. They all feel representative of their respective counties, even down to Skingrad being full of Goblin Hunters. But there was a problem. It didn't matter which branch you sidled into, there amongst the atmosphere stood a beaming tower of steel, smiles and Breton greetings.

Who is this mysterious middle aged Breton coated in steel who manages to appear at every branch in a cloud of ball-aching mediocrity!?

Well, he has been caste into Oblivion, the Nine bless his soul. In his place are a selection of believable, unique and somewhat interesting Porters with a little something about them! Their stats all remain the same, as do their factions and their repair services. What has changed is their race, appearance and equipment. The aim here was to make them fit into the feel of the guildhall, the region it's based in, and to give them some sort of backstory which explains why  they just hang around the guild hall like a bad smell rather than fulfilling contracts.

So, in no particular order;

Chorrol: I wanted to leave one of the porters in their "vanilla" getup, so this guy gets to keep his steel plate and longsword. All I've done is make him old and grey. So now he hangs around the guild hall because he's just too old to get out and stab mofos in the face.

Anvil: This is a port town, full of sailors and pirates. It stands to reason that at least one of them would retire from a life at sea and want to put their experience to use somehow. This chap is exactly that, a retired pirate with a long grey ponytail and a cutlass.

Skingrad: A wealthy super-town full of seasoned hunters. This branch was lacking youth and inexperience, so the porter here is a young Dunmer with rich parents and a gorgeous suit of Mithril armour. Why isn't he out fighting? Maybe his superiors think he'll throw himself off a 2 foot ridge and plummet to his death under the burden of 200 lbs of brooms and calipers. So now he chills out in town.

Leyawin: A town full to the brim with Argonians and Khajiit from nearby Elsweyr and Black Marsh. This guild hall did also have its very own Khajiiti fighter, but nothing scaled in sight. So the porter here now represents the Argonian population in mismatched armour and with a glorious set of head-tentacle-things.

Bravil: This is a poor town full of drunks, brawlers and hard-as-nails fighter veterans. The issue I mentioned at the start is even worse here than anywhere else as well, because this guild hall has a second pratt prancing about in steel plate as well as the porter, so I wanted this porter to be as rough as the town the hall's in. Now he's an Orc. And he don't need no armour. At least not on his torso. He walks about bare-chested, with dwarven metal covering his feet, his hands, and in a sling at his side.

Cheydinhal: This branch always amused me. Two good for nothing retirees sitting pretty with chainmail and silver, and an angry Orc in a state of constant dismay at his companions. I thought, what better to cheer him up than get him a cat! So the porter here is a young Khajiit now.

Bruma: At risk of being a bit cliche, the Nord city now has a Nord Porter. And he's proper full fat Nord too! No semi-skimmed Nords here. He's covered head to toe in fur from things he killed with his bare hands (Or his tackle, the story changes depending on how much mead he's poured down his throat) and he carries a wonderful axe which he took from a Daedra he killed with his bare hands (or his tackle, depending on mead consumption etc.) 

NOTE: In the screenshots I am using OCO and Robert's Male Body. These are not essential mods, but they will of course look slightly different without these.

So that's it. I hope this makes your trip to the Figher's Guild that much less shiny!