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This mod has everything you will need to be an oblivion god.How much you want to cheat is up to you.

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This mod adds many things ,there is 4 new merchants in the abandoned shack on the waterfront also inside the shack is spell and enchant alters,there's a blade trainer,a spell merchant with all the standard spells,a elemental wizard with some special spells and a mysterious man who will fence stolen goods,train you in archery,sell you special arrows and spells etc.

Outside the shack is 2 chests that refill,1 is full of the best sigil stones(5 of each) the other has weapons and other special items.there is also some small quality of life things like the arrow of extrication and springheel jack boots can now be dropped or sold if you don't use them in the final heist.If you become a vampire the sun will no longer damage you so you can fast travel or wait outside in the day making being a vampire much more fun imo. There is also extra spells allowed in enchanting like restore health etc.

There is also a new OP race you can choose called master that give you many of the other races bonuses such as argonian water breathing and resistances,breten and high elf magic bonuses,khajiit night-eye,ghost invisibility (lasts 15 sec) also all your attributes start at 50 and some stealth ,weapon and magic skills get 15 added to them.If you choose this race don't start a new game as it unless you plan to skip the main quest cause the guards will never come if you start as a custom race so just choose any other race and switch to this at the sewer exit.

There is alo a video that shows more and pics.

V2 improves some of the spells and enchantments and also add a few new deadly weapons

V3 improves spells & weapons,adds new assassin armor ,ads new weapons and spells,unlimited training,shadowmere is now a much faster horse,you can enter the speed force or create gold and many more things,the master race has also been improved,there is also a video showing some of the things you can do in v3

V3.1 is a small update to V3
new spells:
-shock touch
-shock blast
-thunder storm
-fists of fury
also new item: thief staff

V3.2 adds new spell unlock and new item fake cowl of nocturnal and a few fixes

V4 adds a few potions and some enchantments and spells are changed

V5 adds some new weapons ,improves some old enchantments,horses you own are now faster,can run on water and jump from any height