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Added: 08/06/2006 - 10:18PM
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Last updated at 23:09, 15 Jun 2006 Uploaded at 22:18, 8 Jun 2006

By default, the majority of the landscape textures in Oblivion look great up close but tend to have excessive tiling (repeating lines and patterns) that can be very ugly and very distracting. This mod replaces most of the landscape textures in the game with textures that show far less tiling. I used photoshop and manually fixed over 140 textures to get rid of these nasty patterns.

Keep in mind that this pack may not be for everyone. I tried to keep everything looking relatively the same, but some textures just tiled so horribly that they had to be changed quite a bit. This could make some areas look a little bland, but for the most part, the scenery will look more natural, more realistic and less distracting.

Installation and removal instructions are included in the .zip file.

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