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This mod adds a Bedroom (Bedchambers) and office space in New Sheoth Palace for the Player once they become Sheogorath.

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This mod adds a Bedroom (Bedchambers) and office space for the Player once they become Sheogorath - Something that I,
and I believe many others felt that New Sheoth Palace seriously lacked.
I've seen many mods over time addressing this too, but most of them either manifest as a seperate house, or in the catacombs
under the Tree of Madness - and don't get me wrong, they were all wonderful work!  But none of them quite felt like a fit for me.
So here is my crack at it.  This mod adds a room specifically designed to be worthy of a Madgod of your calibre, and what makes
mine different is that it's location(s) is in the Halcyon Conservatory or the Private Gardens of New Sheoth Palace.  How it's location,
and decor is decided is by deciding if the Flame of Agnon burns on the Manic or the Demented side.  Each side will correspond
with what side of the Palace the room is located in.  It's that simple.
To find the doors, just walk around the alcove.  

Be aware that the room will NOT appear until you have become the Madgod!!!!  

NPC pathgrids are functional, so followers will be able to navigate around the room.
All storage in the room is safe, and never respawns.  They don't move around, or shift in any way, regardless of what land is in your favour, so you have nothing to fear for your valuables. 

I kept it nice and simple - I'm quite proud of how the interior turned out, but short of the Shivering Isles, there are no required addons for the mod to work.  

The only compatibility issue I can fathom is any mod that modifies the Gardens in the Palace - specifically any that rearrange the architecture.  Besides that, it should be compatible with anything.

Oh, and it also gives you factionship in the old Duke and Duchess' Quarters, and on the Desk in the formal office area, I put a House Mania Key, and a House Dementia Key, giving the Madgod full access to the Palace, that they so rightfully deserve, seeing as they worked themselves to immortality to get it!  It also gets rid of the Dark Seducer Guards that attack on sight in the Private Gardens, and the Duchess' Quarters - Another issue I noticed, and a guarantee that you can enjoy both versions of the room.

Update: 7/26/18 took the original upload down and reloaded a new .rar.  a user is having difficulty getting his system to open the archive and I'm trying to help them out. 

Thanks for downloading!  If you find any problems, please let me know!!!
If you like it, please endorse!!!
And please check out my other mods!  More to come!
Sleep Well, Madgod!