About this mod

Immersion mod. Adds new guards patrols to the world during the Oblivion Crisis, partly formed by well known citizens.

Permissions and credits
July 2018, Ervvin

Oblivion Crisis Militia was partly inspired by the old mod 'Enhanced Daedric Invasion'. I liked the decorative aspects of it. This mod however has no quests, dialogue or stories, let alone huge battles; it merely aims to heighten immersion by adding a lot of new guards patrols to the world, some of which are formed by well known citizens.

After the Kvatch disaster Imperial Watch platoons start to patrol the remote wilderness areas of Cyrodiil, looking for more Oblivion gates opening up. The Elder Council, through a special Black Horse Courier edition, warns the people that an invasion is imminent, and urges the counts to send out extra city guard patrols. Citizens are encouraged to volunteer for city militia duties. (The BHC news sheets will be found in castles, guild halls, and several inns and shops.)

After Martin has reached Cloud Ruler Temple, more Oblivion gates open up. The counts send out new patrols to guard the main roads near their cities. The towns themselves are patrolled by Crisis Militia groups, formed by ordinary civilians who volunteer to go on duty for one day per week. They are all vanilla NPCs: Mages and Fighters Guild members, castle personnel, some shop and inn owners, chapel priests, beggars and many others will forget their class differences and animosities and stand together to defend their home towns. Their equipment often looks a bit off, because some people like to bring their own gear, and because there's a weapons and armor shortage  (especially for greaves and boots). 

When you need one of the volunteering citizens for a quest or training or whatever, they cannot help you while on duty, so you'll have to wait until the next day. Their shops and inns are either locked, or guarded by a retired watchman. This may cause you some inconvenience, but in return you get the occasional view of Watch patrols roaming the wilderness, and City militia marching around near and in the towns, always on the alert. 
Also, active Oblivion Gates are now sometimes monitored by a Watch patrol. This should make closing a gate more immersive. It always irked me that I could become more famous while there was noone around to witness my heroics.

Each Watch platoon is formed by one Captain and 5 soldiers. The Imperial City has no civilian platoons but 3 regular Crisis Watch platoons. The other cities each have 2 City Guard platoons for the main roads near the towns, and 1 Crisis Militia platoon that patrols the city itself. (Except Bravil, which has 1 Guards patrol, and due to a lack of volunteers several citizens will be in the service for 2 days a week.)

When you have completed the Main Questline all patrols are disbanded, their tents removed and the last citizens are sent home; only the BH Courier sheets will be left lying around.

* OCM should be OK with Unique Landscapes and Better Cities mods, if you (re)build the Bashed Patch. It merely adds XMarkers to the landscape and some tents and pathgrid edits in (exterior) fort and ayleid ruins. 
* Currently NOT compatible with Open Cities: town militia patrols tend to get lost or disappear altogether. 
* Mods like Rope Ladders and Stealth Entrances are not conflicting as such, but may confuse the patrols because they may try to use such entrances.
* Likely to conflict with "Unique Forts" and "Legion-occupied Forts" mods (not tested though).
* Not a conflict per se, but OCM does not match the changes applied by face overhauls like OCO et al. The militia clones have vanilla faces. 

Possible issues: 
Oblivion Crisis Militia does not really use vanilla NPCs. It simply disables them for a day and employs cloned actors. In theory this should work OK, even if said NPCs take part in other (vanilla or mod-added) quests, but I'm not 100% sure if this is so. I can only say I haven't seen problems after extensive playtesting. Use the mod at your own risk, and please report any issues.

OCM requires the Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.416 and OBSE v.21.
Unpack "Oblivion Crisis Militia.esp" to your \Oblivion\Data folder. Load order: not very critical, I have it right before Unique Landscapes somewhere in the middle. Activate the mod, REBUILD your BASHED PATCH.ESP, and go. The mod may take 1-2 (game)days to settle in.
Uninstall: deactivate the mod, delete the .esp file, rebuild the Bashed Patch, load the game, and re-save it.