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Most people of Tamriel believe that the Maniac are insane by nature; maybe the rumors are true. The Maniac have a high willpower and increased magicka.

Permissions and credits
The race is based on the Vanity Pack by CapsAdmin.

As a bonus, the race comes with a lot of japanese hair styles, for example 2ch Hair. Optionally, you can expand the race with special spells/abilities. In order to do that, you go to the second floor of Leyawiin Mages Guild (east). There’s a scroll named "The power of the Maniac" on the table which adds the spells to you.

The Maniac race uses default Imperial body textures and will therefore adjust to any body replacers you have installed. So you can keep your preferred body replacer.

This mod is the second one of the "translation project" series which consists of some of my older mods finally geting their English translation (look at the bottom of the page to find out about the other ones).

If you like, you can download a savegame of character Dante who is a Maniac as well.

Base attributes:

Maniac (male)
Strength: 40
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 50
Agility: 30
Speed: 40
Endurance: 40
Luck: 50
Personality: 40

Maniac (female)
Strength: 40
Intelligence: 40
Willpower: 50
Agility: 30
Speed: 40
Endurance: 30
Luck: 50
Personality: 40

Bonus to skills (Maniac female und male):
+10 to Alteration
+10 to Destructon
+10 to Restoration
+5 to Blade
+5 to Hand-to-hand
+5 to Speechcraft

optional special spells/abilities:
100 % Resist Paralysis
Improved Restoration
Invisibility spell

The "translation project"
Hidden Hideout
Maniac Race (the file you are looking at ;))
Mysterious Elves (coming soon)
Armor of Honor - female version (coming soon)
Fantasy and Unique Eyes (coming soon)
Deathsmiles Clothes for HGEC (coming soon)

Feel free to visit my official website for more information on my other mods and projects.