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Allows fast travelling from road signs to Cyrodiil's major cities.

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A simple mod that allows you to fast travel from road signs to the city indicated. Includes all the major cities in Cyrodiil.


Inspired by SGMonkey's Andromedas Fast Travel for Morrowind and Kesta's Road Signs Fast Travel for Skyrim (and Skyrim Special Edition). This was created for personal use as such a thing didn't seem to exist for Oblivion.


To initiate fast travel, activate a road sign indicating one of the major cities in Cyrodiil, and click "Yes."

Travel brings you to a city's main gate where possible. Otherwise, Kvatch brings you to the outskirts, The Imperial City brings you to the Talos Plaza, and Cheydinhal, Leyawiin, and Skingrad bring you to their Western gate.


None known, but will likely be incompatible with any mods that replace road signs (not counting mere texture replacers). Travel is only possible between the major cities, and so does not account for road signs indicating custom cities or towns/villages.


Please see Bevilex's modlist for Oblivion for details on the graphics shown in the screenshots. The