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Adds retextured, colourful, Divine-specific robes to all priests and monks,including an integrated shawl for female clergy.

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My first attempt at a full mod, be gentle ;P

I always thought the different religious demominations in Oblivion should have had a more uniform dress, rather than the random mix of dull robes and fancy clothes.

This is mainly a quick mod I made for my own immersion, but others might like the effect.

This mod:

a) Adds eighteen different coloured monks' robes to the game (retextures)

b) Integrates Tipitoko's Nun Shawl into the female version of each monk robe, retextured to match.

c) Gives a robe to each regular priest and monk in the game. Each Priest, Monk and Healer in a Chapel has been given a robe colour-coded according to the Divine they worship, to create the feel of uniform religious orders. Those elsewhere in Cyrodiil are given a generic randomly-generated robe.

There should be minimal risk of conflict, as the Vanilla robes are left unchanged, only existing clergy are affected. The only risk could be if another mod changes the clothing of the game's priests and monks, which should be fixable by playing with the load order.
In order to prevent conflict, this mod only affects the Vanilla Oblivion game, as well as a patch for Knights of the Nine. Priests/Monks/Healers in other mods can be added by hand if desired.