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The petty harlots stole some shiz, and you can't do jack to return it!!!! Until now....

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Ever felt that Pinarus deserved to have his prized minotaur horn back? Ever think that poor Ernest needed his best shirt? What about Oaken-Hulls Heirloom? He at least deserves that, since his wife cheats on him.

Well, with this mod! Now you can see that realized! With this mod, you can return all the stolen items in The Sirens Deception back to the original owners for a little disposition boost and a small reward. Just speak to a certain guard who patrols the town, and he'll set you on the path.

Works only if you have not yet completed The Sirens Deception.

This mod is a reduxed version of the previous Return The Stolen Items mod, which did not work properly. With this mod, however, it works properly. Enjoy, and sorry for any and all inconveniences.

Incompatible with any mod that alters the stolen items in any way.

Special Thanks To
Selected - For voicing the Guard.