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This mod adds in a dremora merchant to the game as well as a new book,to find the merchant simply travel to the imperial market district and travel along the inner walls until you see a wooden door,this mod is still in development and shouldn't be enabled with any other mods to avoid any conflict.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds in a dremora merchant as well as a new location within the market district of the imperial city.
The merchant itself is at the shop as a punishment from lord dagon for failing to do a simple mission,thus is bound by the shop and unable to leave.He sells daedric items for high price and sells a brand new book.
It is recommended to run this mod in Wrye Bash as that is what it was tested in.
Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.
Everything in this mod is subject to change,I will add more info as more is added to it.