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A Regal Gold and Navy Blue Theme for Mage Guild Assets.

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STRAND MAGIC - A Mage Guild Theme
by London Rook

Personally I've always felt that the Mages Guild lacked a bit of character.  It never seemed unified and lacked a sense of institution found in other guilds.  The goal of this mod is to better represent a more disciplined organization by making a strong and unifying theme for the Mage's Guild.

This mod replaces the textures for tapestry, rug, sign, window, table, and portal assets commonly found in the Mage Guild.  The new theme is navy and gold, and can be found in the Arcane University, guild halls, and some merchant shops whose owners specialize in magical services.

Also paired with this archive is an option for replacing the bright cloth texture found in display cases to a more subtle wood.  

New in 1.01
SOLVED - The Cheydinhal Mage Guild Interior now correctly shows the magic seal the floor.
SOLVED - The normal map for the large interior windows are now correctly assigned.

This mod makes no landscape or worldspace edits and has no known incompatibilities save for other texture and mesh replacers.  Still, if you're running other texture overhauls it's recommended you install after larger texture replacers for maximum impact.

Unresolved - The nonclothed display option has the incorrect path for its files.  It should be updated to "meshes/clutter/upperclass".  This will be addressed in a future patch.

For creators, these assets cannot be shared in any compilation or resold without expressed permission.  However they can be used in typical mods, provided attribution and a link to the original published page is included in the description and documentation.  (For Example; House Mods)

If you're unsure of where your mod stands, feel free to send me a message and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can.