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No more deserted shops and lonely merchants in the IC Market District. Most of the Imperial City commoners will regularly visit the various stores, inns and offices, or meet each other near the lighthouse, the stables and the Palace entrance.

Permissions and credits
July 2018, Ervvin

Shops in the Imperial City Market district are nearly always deserted; apart from a lonely merchant there is noone else to greet you as you enter. 'Shop Visitors' changes that, distributing new AI-packages among many vanilla IC commoners. When you visit a shop you will now often find one or two other customers browsing or chatting with the shop owner. Every hour several NPCs will head for some other place, so there is more traffic in the streets as well. People (including some Imperial Watchmen) will frequent all shops and taverns in the city and even the Warehouse, the Office of Imperial Commerce and the Black Horse Courier offices. A few may also hang out at the stables, the Imperial Palace entrance and the Lighthouse, gossiping with anyone passing by.
By default the chance that any of the new AI-packages will be executed is 50%. This may be adjusted in the mod's .ini-file. Higher values may tax your CPU and thus cause lag or stuttering.

Compatibility issues: 
- The Unofficial Oblivion Patch has many AI-edits which will be overridden by this mod; therefore these edits have been incorporated in Shop Visitors.
- SV may conflict with mods that edit shop interiors in the IC Market District. Rebuild your Bashed Patch! 
- Two very minor (=neglectable) conflicts with Better Cities.

Load order
After UOP.

Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.416.
OBSE v.21.

Unpack contents of the archive into your ..\Oblivion\Data folder. Activate the .esp in your loader. When using Wrye Bash, rebuild the Bashed Patch.esp. The mod's .ini file is in the ...\Oblivion\Data\Ini folder.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch/Arthmoor, for permission to merge several AI-edits and AI-packages from the UOP into Shop Visitors.

Version 1.2:
* Reset No Low Level Processing flags on Tandilwe, Branwen, and Saliith to make sure they will return to their default spots.

Version 1.1:
* Edited AI-packages so that customers leave shops at 19.00, to prevent them being locked in when shops close.
* Added X-markers to shop interiors so that customers won't gang up on the shop owners.

Version 1.0:
* Initial release.