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Grants the player a spell to pet any non-hostile creature.

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I always wanted the ability to be more affectionate towards your animal companion, so I made this mod. Upon loading the mod, you'll get a lesser power (touch) that will make the player play two different animations (depending on if they're crouching or not) upon casting it on a non-hostile creature. The player also gets a small healing buff meanwhile, and as soon as it wears off, the creature's disposition towards the player will go up by one point.

If you intend to cast the spell on a very small animal (such as a cat), you'll have to crouch to be able to play the appropriate animation. And if you cast it on a slightly bigger animal such as a dog, you can also crouch and then stand up while the spell is active. And at last, you can cast it on a horse while standing up, as that would make more sense.

Known issue:
If you use the spell on a CM based beast while it's following you, it will go back to it's wandering package when the spell wears off. But you can always catch up to it and make it follow you again.