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lubronbrons and roblesstevena

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Fix OBLIVIOUS sitting animation in Oblivion. Female will use new more feminine animation, while Male still use original vanilla sit animation. Hey woman ! Sit properly would ya !! XD lol

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I always wonder why woman in Oblivion is sitting like that... they spread leg too much, right?
it will be more awkward if you install any skimpy clothes or mods that modify NPCs to wear less clothing such as mini-skirt etc etc...
This mod gonna fix that OBLIVIOUS sitting animation. It looks pretty damn good even in vanilla clothes too~
Female will use new more feminine sitting animation, while Male still using the original vanilla sit animation.
Hey you woman ! Sit properly like you should would ya !! XD lol

- load order is IMPORTANT, IF you use another animation replacer mods that modify sit animation record make sure to load this mod after that
- mod Real High Heels System is not required, this mod is stand alone version
- (optional) for Better Citties 6 user, you need to install the patch in folder 'optional patch BC6' which already included in the bundle
The patch is a child to the Better City Resources.esm, it is not the main animation. That has to go above this mod esp, but below the Better Cities.esp, in the load order. It's probably fine merged into the Bashed Patch. It basically just switches position of the BC sitting animation directory and the default sitting directory. BC6 made a separate directory to keep a sitting replacer from letting drunkards at some pubs drink their ale. This patch will fix drunk female sit animation hands from stop moving.

You will NOT find this mod elsewhere, if you found this mod in other sites THAT file is unauthorized & PLEASE tell me ASAP
This is just my little contribution for Nexus & the community hope you like it. Oblivion is my first best custom personal game

Thanks to Master Forli my modding skill is improved
Thank you Bethesda! Thx Nexus! Thanks creative modders all of you give many great inspirations!

RHH Sitting animation replacer by hamsti
linked credit :
- Thanks to Vipcxjs for his Real High Heels System
- Thanks to coronerra/Growlf for the skeleton
- Thanks to FORE for the Breathing animations
- Bethesda for Oblivion
roblesstevena - BC6 patch and animation editing help

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