About this mod

This mod allows you to level up infinitely by resetting your stats based on their category; attributes and skills.

Permissions and credits
Leveling Unlimited Mod Attributes Reset
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Created and Edited by Benjamin Fade
Requirements: Shivering Isles
Date: 2/19/2021


This mod allows you to reset your skills and attributes to bypass the level cap in order to keep leveling up.
Also, the mod script replaces Oghma Infinium and Felldew in the Shivering Isles for leveling so you can level up infinitely.

When stats are maxed at 100, attributes reset to 50 and skills reset to 5.

- As the player gets out of the Imperial Prison Sewer and is finished with Tutorial, the player will automatically receive scrolls.
- The scrolls provide spells to learn.
- Each scroll will give you an menu and is going to ask you; "Do you wish to learn this spell?"
- The options are 'Yes' and 'No'.
- If you click yes, then the spell is added and the scroll is removed from your inventory.
- If you wish to reset your attribute/skill by using the spell, cast the spell and then you get instant results. Note: You will not notice it until you look at your stats on your menu.
- You can do this a unlimited number of times.


2/27/2018 - Increasing attributes are now available and you can increase them up to 150. Each attribute has to meet  at least 100 before increasing.
2/19/2021 - The chest with the scrolls inside is no longer on the dock near Vilverin. Instead, a scripted box will give the player the scrolls as they leave the Imperial Prison Sewers when the player is done with Tutorial.