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- I had adapted this mod for MTC Expanded Villages

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According to his legal statement, ( on the original page)

Author notes: You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

So,  Thank to Sylar0712 ( Marcos Alexandre), the original author !

I had  edited this  mod to work with MTC Expanded villages from Nernie. 
So,  I had removed the majority of edits for 4 Inns. (Aleswell, Faregyl, Pell Gates and Wawnett)
It was intended by tho original author, but he never release  that ! I saw that in comment section.

** Compatible with BC, OOO and many others mods) 
** if you don't use MTC, I recommand the original mod because this one was designed to work ith MTC.
*** I am not the creator of this mod but Sylar712

Original Mod : https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/29333

1- Revised the decoration of most inns. Some had the class changed, other were improved with the use of modder's resources. Also created patterns for ownerships on beds and doors.
2- The inns work as player homes, with safe containers, but the bed and a meal in some cases need to be rented.
3- To make inns busier, I added 140 NPCs that will use that spaces. However, I tried my best to make them dynamic. Several travel to other inns, some are merchants and can barter with the player, and some quests may change how much busier inns will become (Specially MG04Restore for Gold Coast Inns and MQ10, MQ13, MQ14 for Bruma Inns)
4- Innkeepers and staff have a life: they serve in the tavern and sleep at night.

New Home Owners included also: (What I like the most )
House of dead npcs get new Owners. ( just npcs who died during a normal playthrought)
** For support and question, i recommand to read the original page first