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If you've done a quest and a house is without owner afterwards, go to the IC Market District, get a flyer and buy that house!

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New version 1.4 fixes bugs mentioned in the posts and some I found ;) I hope I got all fixed now! 

If you've done a quest and a house is without owner afterwards, The Imperial Real Estate in the Market District has most of the sales for you!
About enteri1ng the Market District and sometimes entering another city you'll get a flyer about the sale with all the informations required!

These houses are included:

Agarmir’s house in the Talos District,
Gweden Farm near Anvil
Glarthir’s house in Skingrad
Jearl’s House (Bruma)
Arnora’s House in Bruma
Roland Jenseric’s cabin north of the Blue Road between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal
Bernadette Peneles house in Skingrad
Totius Sextius‘ house in Skingrad
Marie Alouette's House (Water's Edge)
Lorkmir's house (Elven Garden District)
Shetcombe Farm near Kvatch
Aldos Othran's house (Cheydinhal)
Eduard Retiene's house (Water's Edge)
Alval Uvani's house (Leyawiin)
Francois Motierre's house (Chorrol)
Summitmist in Skingrad
Applewatch (Bruma County)
Ungolim's House (Bravil)
Valus Odiil's House (Chorrol)
Greyland (Leyawiin)
Jakben Imbel's Manor (Talos District)
Roland Jenseric's house in the Temple District
Cadlew Chapel (Bravil County)
Biene Amelion's House (Water's Edge)
Anvil Lighthouse Basement
Umbacano Manor (Talos District)
Ranaline's House in Bravil
The 7 houses in Bleaker's Way
The Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn
J'Ghasta's House in Bruma
Eugal Belette's House in Chorrol
Cingor's House in Leyawiin
The Marie Elena (ICWaterfront)
The Serpent's Wake (Anvil)
Sea Tub Clarabella (Anvil)
Nerastarel's House (Skingrad)
The Blackwood Company Hall (Leyawiin)


Furniture Containers are all safe (Chests, Cupboards, Drawers, Safes, Desks and Barrels)(1) Only the Tamika Vine Barrel is respawning, obviously ;)


Sorry about the sacks, but truth be told, no sack withstands a sharp blade, so they are never safe after all ;)

(1) Safe containers are achieved by making a copy of the base object (new form) and removing the respawn option. The original content is therefore still in the container (both clutter, clothes and so on) but it does not respawn! Some chests do not respawn by default such as treassure and weapon chests, they have not been altered.

Better Inns + New Home Owners

This Mod does something about those houses too and in a fine way that is!
It should be compatible because it has the possibility to shut down the house quests separately!
So, if you want to buy Glarthir's house, you can do that with my mod and shut down the quest from Better Inns + New Home Owners (NI+BHO).
Or you decline to buy the house in my mod and activate it in BI+NHO.
To get this working, I added the decline option to all houses in my mod.
Find the mod here


Version 1.4 has no changes but bug fixes.
There should not be any bug at the moment. But it's perhaps best to start with a game save, that had no former version of the mod installed, just in case ;)


Downloadwith manager and install inside the manager. Deactivate previous versions of IRE!
Or download to manually install, extract the archive into your Oblivion/Data folder.
Uninstalling:press the uninstall button in the manager or delete the files in the archive
(Nexusmods has a feature showing the included files!)

Cleaned with TES4Edit.

For more information, see the article Imperial Real Estate - Update 1.3


popay55 for a huge list of houses to include, invaluable tips for the mod, for the encouragement and backup with this mod!
LostJak with the forum topic “Own any House mod” that gave inspiration to me for this mod. (
CheburatorDetected for suggesting that not only Vinicia has the sale, but the Counts.
ElderScrollsFan001 for suggesting more houses.
Many thanks for a lot of response in the mod-post! It helped a lot to get some more bones to the mod :D
Yannick Bluehair Leon for the DDS Converter 2.0 (
All the people giving away knowledge about to mod at the and other places. Can’t thank you enough!
Nexusmods for being a fantastic host!
Bethesda for a ageless and fantastic game!