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For those who want a more "traditional" look to their Frostcrag Spire.

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Frostcrag Spire was beautifully done by Bethesda and quite fantastical, but it always felt a bit alien and foreign to the rest of the architecture of the game.  Also, the outside and surrounding area seemed a bit bare.

This is a very small and simple mod that re-skins Frostcrag Spire with more "traditional" castle elements and adds some landscaping and exterior improvements.  These castle elements are found in the game already, so no new meshes or textures are added.

It only improves the exterior and surrounding area.  The only interior change is the main door and the door to the teleporter balcony.   There are no new areas added.

No scripts, quests, packages, npcs, or creatures have been added or modified, nor are there any new assets or resources.

This mod will need both Oblivion and The Shivering Isles as well as the Frostcrag Spire DLC (technically you don't even need Frostcrag, but some elements will float above the ground and the doors will lead to nowhere.)

This is probably incompatible with most mods that already change Frostcrag Spire exterior and the surrounding area.  I do have Unique Landscape's Snowdale by Verganon loaded without conflict. I have loaded Frostcrag Spire Revisited by Gruffy and the only conflict are the two Frost Atronach Guards at the entrance.