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This mod adds a creature off the border of Cyrodiil acting as a player home, including spellcrafting station, enchanting station and respawning special hot cocoa/coffee, plus beans to make potions.

Permissions and credits
Make sure you have borders disabled in some way, shape or form or the game won't let you travel to where the creature is.

I'll still be looking into replacing the creature with something else just to be safe, but we're 80% sure that this is a model based off of the one in Lineage 2, given a few small differences such as shut jaw and no glowing eyes.

This mod adds a large dragon-like, but not really a dragon, creature to the game that mainly acts as a home to the player via scripts.

The home takes place inside the creature's stomach, with soft lighting and animated dripping slime from the roof.

The home contains the following QOL aspects and key functions.

Spellmaking station, via the Butterfly In A Jar on a table by the Lyre
Enchanting station, via the Lyre on the same table of the Butterfly.
Custom Mesh/texture/icon of coffee and cocoa beans to make potions (cannot make cocoa and coffee)
Custom mesh/texture/icons of already made cups of coffee and cocoa with effects to drinking. I tried to make the effects balanced but useful. The 'containers' they are in are respawning so don't store anything of yours inside of them. They also will fall over if you bump into them, sorry, not sure how to fix that. But they can be grabbed and put back on the tables.
Tables and chairs for a home-y feel.
Working bed
A light orb that, when activated, releases you back into Cyrodiil.
Activate the dragon to go inside, walk down the throat until the dead end, it will act as a doorway leading to the home.
A journal resides inside to give some backstory.
Various containers to safely store your stuff inside.
Hanging quilts to spruce up the place.
The Spinning Wheel acts as a Alter of the Nine, curing diseases and such daily.
Decorative bugs in a jar and some other little things.

Known bugs;

The beast sometimes acts weird, tipping backwards or forward a bit, still looking for a way to fix this. When he walks he corrects himself though so it's not always.
Lighting in the stomach can be a little wonky and there is a few minor cosmetic clipping of the walls and floors..
You have to aim at his chest (see screenshot) and if your character is short, you may need to jump at his chest to have the option highlight.
The orb inside of the stomach does not officially light up in the corner when the cross hairs is over it, but if you hit the activate button while your cross hairs is over it it will still work as intended.

Future Objectives:
Fix the monster
Maybe get the monster to be able to follow you too, a portable home of sorts. Or wander far distances so you don't end up back in the same clearing.

Looking for help: Yes, mainly if there's anyone out there who knows how to fix the beast or make him a static object that just plays the idle animation. I feel this will solve my tipping problems as his main purpose is just to be there to click on.

Open to suggestions? Yes, feel free to suggest any ideas you may have, if possible I will see about putting it in.

roblesstevena for helping me try and fix the monster's bugs. Thank you again for all your time and effort.
Sam Lake for their coffee resources. Was fun and easy to use, thank you~
stroti for his bugs in a jar, rustic furnishings and spinning wheel, your resources are always a joy to use.
raziel23x for their Mystic orbs used to help release the player and give light. Thank you for sharing your work and allowing others to use it.
lunasprite13 for her hanging quilts, beautiful little addons that add some cheer to the home, thanks.
didiusdeddysalam for their static Lyre, a good exotic piece for the place
Alasdair for their ice cave tileset, used the meshes after some editing for the stomach and throat.
Dracula420 for their organic texture, which I recolored pink for the stomach and throat texture.
Elbethien for his dripping goo resource, which I recolored to better reflect saliva, though rainbow saliva could be fun.
Everyone responsible for creating the Dragons of Cyrodiil mod, which is not on this site and is made by those that speak a different language. But after google translating the posts in this thread where the mod resides, I see that they give permission for people to use their dragons in mods as long as credit is given.

Translated from Spanish via Google Translate from the original mod's readme file says: Everyone is free to use this mod the way they want, as long as they are mentioned to us, along with the additional authors who are thanked,

Original Credits in said readme, though I'm pretty sure this specific creature does not use SaidenStorm's animations and models I'm putting him there in-case I'm
wrong on that:Dragonblade86, SaidenStorm, clintmich and AlienSlof_and_Gabriel - Meshes of some tapestries and some paintings.

If I missed anyone, please PM me and tell me so.