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Find the invisibility ring

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Watching from your cell window, you see a shadowy hooded figure dig and hide some small chest between a bolder and a tree.
Never thinking of escaping the Imperial Prison you forgot about it until now! Find the chest and its divine gift.


Ever since I found the mod "3 Cool Rings" from wynjones I liked the invisibility ring best! And I used it a lot :) Just to wander Cyrodiil without the need to battle an unnatural aggressive wolf or bandit...

As it is a bit overpowered I decided at last to do my own mod and do it in another way. And I hope I got the balance right!
You get a ring to be permanently invisible but you pay a price that should change the way you live in Tamriel...
For more, see ingame or the pics ;)

download with manager and activate or manually extract the compressed file into your Oblivion/Data folder.

======== containing:


wynjones for the "3 Cool Rings" mod!
Bethesda for TES IV Oblivion and the cs!
Nexus for beeing a wounderful host!
All those who where working on the cs wiki and other sources for learning to mod Oblivion!