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Fixes wolf and dog idle animations so they may play separate ones, and also toggles a few special animations on wolves that went unused in vanilla.

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Wolf Animation Restoration

woof woof woof woof - said no freaking wolf ever...

MigMaster (you know how I roll)

Wolves and dogs in vanilla share the same model path, which means they have access to the same idle animations they may play. The idle animation manager seems to have a contingency for this... well, except it really doesn't. It has separate folders for "wolf" and "dog" animations, but it's just checking for a test wolf creature that you're never even going to see.
Wolves do have a special forward walk different from dogs, but there are still two more special animations for them that have gone unused.

This mod fixes all of this in both fronts, maintaining as much compatibility as possible:
  • A running script scans any creatures nearby to determine if they should be considered "wolves", and grants them a token if true. My MigMaster's actor identifier function is used if available, using a list named "Wolves". Otherwise, a wolf is any creature that carries a wolf pelt. Don't fret, even if a creature is wrongly identified as a wolf, none of the changes done in this mod can apply to it unless it uses the dog's model path.
  • All creatures in high and low AI processing are also scanned on starting the game, and every time you move to a new cell. Any creature identified as a wolf will have the wolf animations activated on it, so the unused special animations will get used. Wolves no longer keep their head up and waggle their tail around like chirpy happy dogs. When idle, they keep their head low, as if focusing on the way ahead. They may also play an attack animation in which they hold to their target with their front paws.
  • Finally, the Idle Animation manager has been upgraded. The wolf and dog folders now check for the presence of this token, so dogs and wolves may play different animations when chilling around. Wolves may sit, but not bark at the same time. They may also lay down on the floor to rest, lower their nose to the ground smelling a trace, and of course, howl! A pair of unused animations have also been restored. Wolves and dogs may now also look right or left, and shall now flee with their tails actually between their legs if their morale breaks.

Install by activating MigWolfRestore.esp, uninstall by trashing it. No permanent changes shall occur, nor are there any compatibility problems with other mods' changes/additions to dogs and wolves. So DON'T BOTHER ME ASKING ABOUT THOSE, OK?

Just kidding! I live to serve...