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This is my first attempt at a mod and represents an attempt to build a positive bridge between the average citizens of Cyrodiil and vampires. Very rarely are "good" vampires caught roaming around the world of Nirn, so I thought it would be an interesting experiment to build a character that is just that, a good vampire.

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This is my first mod and was made as a class project on digital networks. I have been a fun of The Elder Scrolls since the release of Oblivion, but this is my first attempt at building my old mod.

The process for this mod began after conducting a thorough analysis of Oblivion's faction system through the making of a network diagram. The diagram can be viewed here. The outcome was simple, there are several clusters of factions within Oblivion, but most factions fall within three basic categories: normal citizens, the "bad" guys, and characters from the Shivering Isles DLC. From here, I dove a little deeper to see if these was any wedge I could leverage for an interesting narrative purpose. Behold, the link between the vampires and citizens was one of the most thinly connected parts of the entire game. In addition there were no "positive" links between the two factions (meaning the characters connecting them had some evil or unfortunate connections to the vampires). So thus began my adventure into creating the good vampire.

This mod is fairly simple. In the village of Aleswell there is a new cottage belonging to Vamp the Old, where he lives in relative peace with his neighbors. Right now you could visit his house, speak to him, and there is even a new line of dialogue for Shagol gro-Bumph. In the future, I plan to further flesh out Vamp's involvement with the village, including a better daily routine, more dialogue for him and the rest of the village, and also add a quest for curing vampirism (as well as finding a better name for Vamp).

At its core, I wanted this mod to be simple and accessible. As time goes on, I will update this page with new information about the mod. If you're interested in my research, please feel free to message me.

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PC only (for now)