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Creature followers inspired or based on those in ESO, such as mounts, enemies and pets. Wolf meshes were tweaked by a friendly Nexus goer to fix the neck gaps
Contains 2 wolves, the pocket mammoth, the Sorcerer's clannfear and a guar so far, but is a ongoing thing.

Permissions and credits
Update #3: Added Nosy the Pocket mammoth follower.

Update #2: Found out why they were not following the player through doors and fast travel, they needed higher intelligence (30) so I fixed that.

Update: Thanks to roblesstevena, the wolves no longer have the faint neck gap shown in the screenshots, I plan to take updated screenshots later. The striped wolf is the same as before, just no neck gap, while the doom wolf is lightly tweaked, slightly thicker legs, dipped in stomach, in my opinion improvements but you can always swap the meshes with NifSkope with the striped wolf one. I may even upload optional ones for it.

This will contain various standalone followers (CM partners or other mods not needed) that are mainly based off of ESO, AKA Elder Scrolls Online creatures, mostly recolors TBH, so nothing extremely special, but I thought it'd be a fun little project to throw together. This is a ongoing project and will receive updates as they are made.

I considered making them mounts, but haven't figured out how yet, so for now they are followers.

They all will have the same stats, that of a timber wolf, but they will level with you, starting from 4 onward. The wolves are .25 bigger than a timber wolf however. They all also are immune to poison and disease to avoid issues such as everlasting debuffs. If a problem does arise though, let me know and I may give them more resistance. They cannot die, because, well, that's a pain lol. But otherwise unlike most of my follower mods, i made them more for a easier/vanilla game, however I may make more powerful versions with spells.

You will receive the spell to summon them as soon as you poke them, no items needed this time.
(This is no longer a issue) Occasionally when fast traveling, they wouldn't port to me automatically, not sure what is causing that, but just cast the spell and they are there by your side. (If it is still a issue let me know.)

Controlling them is simple but limited, they will attack whatever is aggressive towards you, probably including guards, as their only faction is the Player Faction and they are player owned, but they will not attack innocents, or they shouldn't anyway. I took them around a town to test this and all seems well.

Poke them once to follow, poke them again to make them wait, they will wander in the area you leave them in, but never will they automatically return to where you first pick them up. So this means you can take them home, then tell them to wait and they will guard the area and hang out until you return.

The textures are as close as I could get it without making it look too weird, they are not a perfect replica, especially the Skyfire guar, but I did the best I could while avoiding ugly seams. The wolves have eyes from the 'New khajiit Eyes' mod (see credits) which are technically eyes meant for races but they work pretty well IMO.

Each creature is in separate ESPs, so you may pick and choose instead of having all of them running around.

For you modders out there: You may reuse our textures from this mod as long as you also include the credited people below, as chances are they were the original creators of the meshes and textures, i just recolored. There is a extra download that will contain the current batch of creatures, without the ESP followers

Creatures so far and their locations:

Pocket Mammoth (Behind the Bruma Stables)
Skyfire Guar (Around the Leyawiin stables.)
Doom Wolf (Behind the Anvil lighthouse.)
Gorne Striped Wolf (By the small graveyard on the Imperial City Waterfront.)
Sorcerer's Clannfear (Outside the Cheydinhal East gate)

Planned Creatures:

The warden class bears
Possible big cats
More guars
More wolves
The Beta monkey pet
Who knows what else

Accepting requests for: Ideas for creatures, stat/ability requests and such, just keep in mind I do not make my own models, I just recolor stuff, so if there is no meshes out there for me to use, obviously I can't do it.


Updated wolf meshes: roblesstevena for tweaking them in Blender, thanks again.
ZOS: For their original creations
Guar: Grimdeath9740 from the Lore Creature Expansion mod (Recolored by me)
Wolf: Elbethien his dhole meshes and textures were used, instead of vanilla wolf. (Recolored by me)
Follower Scripts: Maigrets her tutorial on it made this possible
Wolf Eyes: xzero87 for his new khajiit eyes (Recolored by me)
Pocket mammoth original textures: Zal Balk (Recolored by me)
Pocket mammoth meshes: Elbethien and possibly Mr_Siika
Tweaked Clannfear Skeleton: roblesstevena